Rating of the richest families in Russia 2016( Forbes)

Despite the crisis, Russia's richest clans not only did not become poor, but continue to grow rich. According to the Forbes rating of Russia's richest families in 2016, the joint amount earned by back-breaking labor grew from 18 billion to 25 billion dollars.


  • 10. Mutsoevs - 950 million dollars
  • 9. Magomedovs - 1.15 billion dollars
  • 8. Rakhimkulovs - 1.2 billion dollars
  • 7. Bazhaevs - 1.25 billion dollars
  • 6. Sarkisovs - 1.4 billion dollars
  • 5. Shaimievs - 1.7 billiondollars
  • 4. Shamalovs - 2.4 billion dollars
  • 3. Ananjevs - 2.5 billion dollars
  • 2. Rotenbergs - 2.8 billion dollars
  • 1. Gutseriev family

10. Mutsoyevs - 950 million dollars

The rating of the richest clans of the Russian Federation with modest millionaires begins -family Mutsoyev, consisting of two sconcesb EB and their sons. But Zelimkhan and Amirkhan once started sewing down jackets. Now their family group "Regions" is among the ten kings of Russian real estate.

9. Magomedov - 1.15 billion dollars

Magomedov started, like almost everything on this list, with oil trading and banking business. In 2002, Magomed went into politics, becoming a senator, and Ziyaudin continued to do business. At the moment he belongs to the oil and gas company YATEK.

8. Rahimkulovs - 1.2 billion dollars

The Rakhimkulov family is closely connected with Hungary since 1994, when Interprokom company headed by the head of the family Mehdet received 10% in the capital of a local gas trader. As a result, until his return to Russia in 2008, Megdet was the richest resident of Hungary. And his sons preferred to stay there. The family's condition consists of shares of the Hungarian bank and the oil company, as well as Russian Gazprom and VTB.

7. Bazhaevs - 1.25 billion dollars

Two years ago the family company sold its oil company, but two of its members - Musa and his nephew Denis - still had a 40% stake in Russian Platinum. The elder brother, Mavlit, retired.

6. Sarkisovs - 1.4 billion dollars

The basis of Sarkisov's condition is the share in the insurance company "RESO-Garantiya".A pleasant addition is the abundance of elite foreign real estate, which is located on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Shaimiev - 1.7 billion dollars

The richest people of Tatarstan, the brothers Radik and Airat began to make fortunes when their father was still the first president of the republic. Now they collectively own 19.5% of the oil and gas group TAIF.With the rise in oil prices, the brothers' fortunes increased( by $ 300 million this year).

4. Shamalovs - 2.4 billion dollars

Nikolai Shamalov was awarded the title of "personal friend of Putin", and his son Cyril is Putin's son-in-law. Nikolay owns a 10% stake in Bank Rossiya, and Cyril owns just over a fifth of Sibur's shares.

3. Ananeva - 2.5 billion dollars

The state of Ananievs stands on two whales - banks Promsvyazbank and Revival. Also included here are "Technoserv", "PSN Group" and two large Moscow printing houses.

2. Rotenbergs - 2.8 billion dollars

We say "Rotenbergs" - we mean "Gazprom's contracts".Created by the brothers Arkady and Boris, the company "Stroygazmontazh" became the largest contractor of the oil and gas industry in Russia. This year, Arkady managed to grab a few tidbits, such as the laying of the "Siberia Power" pipeline( 198 billion rubles) and the construction of the Kerch bridge( 338 billion rubles).The US's sanctioning policy only complicates the life of the titans of the oil business, but family members have found a way out - they are pouring parts of the capital from one to another until the sanctions hammer hits the next one in the chain. So Arkady sold his shares in the company to his son Igor, and the nephew crossed the family's general assets in Finland. But the US is not slumbering, so now, apparently, it is time for Igor Arkadyevich and Roman Borisovich to get off to an early stage.

1. The Gutseriev family

Over the past year, the state of the extensive Gutseriev family has grown 2.5 times and has come close to the $ 10 billion bar. Although the family is big, but only three people have a share in business: the head of the family and the founder of BIN, Mikhail, his younger brother and nephew. Mikhail shares a large share of his marital status - he owns 70% of shares in oil companies and slightly more than 50% in finance and real estate. Mikhail's elder brother, who once held the post of head of the Ingush Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Mikhail's son in business is not involved;Mikhail believes that the son must first prove that he is worthy. The main role in enriching the family was played by a group of BIN( oil companies, two banks, a fringroup of pension funds, hotels, radio stations, etc.).Over the past year, the amount of BIN transactions amounted to 1.5 billion dollars.