Beneficial contributions of Sberbank for pensioners in 2016

In 2016, Sberbank of Russia offers five deposits for pensioners on special terms. We will consider these contributions in this rating. The interest rates on these deposits are valid with on April 25, 2016 .

5 place. The contribution of "Pension-plus Sberbank of Russia."This contribution, as you might guess from the title, was created specifically for retirees. The term of the deposit is 3 years. The interest rate is low( 3.55% per annum, taking into account the capitalization and 3.50% without capitalization( deposits to the deposit)), but this deposit has many advantages: the minimum amount of the minimum balance is only 1 ruble, there is the possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal. If the capitalization is not selected at the opening of the deposit, interest is accrued every 3 months.

4 place. Contribute "Refill".This is a deposit with the possibility of replenishment. For pensioners under the deposit "Popolniai" special conditions apply: first, the maximum rate for the chosen term, regardless of the amount of the deposit;secondly, automatic transfer to the best rates possible from the bank after reaching the retirement age and prolongation of the deposit. The maximum rate for this deposit is 7.05% per annum in rubles, taking into account the capitalization with a deposit period of 6 months to 1 year and a sum of 1 thousand. The maximum rate in dollars is 1.85%( for a period of 3 years, capitalization and the amount of 100 cu), in euros - 0.55%( on the same terms).

3 place. Contribute "Refill On @ yen."This contribution differs from the previous one with the same name in that it can only be opened through "Sberbank Online" or an ATM / self-service device of the Savings Bank( instructions on opening online deposits through "Sberbank Online" or ATM / self-service device can be downloaded in the appendix to the article).For the deposit to pensioners, regardless of the amount of the deposit, the maximum rate is established( provided to ordinary depositors for the amount of 2 million rubles / from 100 thousand US dollars / from 100 thousand euros).The maximum interest on the deposit in rubles is 7.58%( for 3 years with regard to capitalization), in dollars - 2.11%( on the same terms), in euros - 0.81% per annum( on the same terms).

2 place. The "Save" contribution differs in that it can neither be replenished nor removed from the funds. As for the "Popolnyay" deposit, the pensioners' maximum rate is up to 7.76% per annum in rubles( for a period of 3 years, taking into account the capitalization of interest), up to 2.06% in dollars( on the same terms) and 0, 66% in euros( on the same terms).

1 place. The deposit "Save On @ yen".The maximum interest rate on the ruble deposit is 8.26%( for 3 years, taking into account capitalization), in dollars - 2.33%( on the same terms), in euros - 1.91% per annum( on the same terms).The maximum rates for monthly interest accrual are: in rubles - 7.40%( for 1-3 years), in dollars - 2.25%, in euros - 0.90%.