10 most trendy hairstyles of 2017

In the New Year, you want changes, but what can better emphasize the beginning of a new life, how not to change the image or at least change the hairstyle? In order not to be mistaken when changing the image, we suggest you use the guiding star - our selection of 10 of the most trendy hairstyles of 2017, .


  • 10. Shaved temple
  • 9. For boy
  • 8. Brown hair
  • 7. Effect of wet hair
  • 6. Side parting
  • 5. Extra long hair
  • 4. Retro-bang
  • 3. Flat waves
  • 2. High horsetail
  • 1. Straight hair

10. Shaved temple

Buntar hairstyle with shaven temple or its softer imitation - braided in small pigtails or just highly selected on one side hair - continues to hold its positions firmly on the fashion podium. Paradoxically, such a hairstyle perfectly matches with all styles of clothing, from classical to cocktail, you only need to be able to properly serve it.

9. For the boy

Androgynous style does not lose its popularity. The ultra-short hairstyle combined with soft and feminine features, especially emphasized evening make-up, teases with its duality. A big plus of this hairstyle is its versatility.

8. Auburn hair

Shining golden chestnut is one of the trends of 2017.This color is especially interesting because with different types of lighting your hair looks different. In bright light, you will appear almost golden blonde, and when soft - a brown-haired woman. An excellent option, if you always wanted to be a blonde, but you are hard to give a radical change of style.

7. The effect of wet hair

The rating of the most fashionable hairstyles continues with an unusual looking gel styling in the style of "I'm just out of the shower".Especially it looks good on dark hair - brunettes can not limit themselves in the use of auxiliary cosmetics. More means - more brilliance! But blondes and light brown-haired women should be more careful. And the main disadvantage of this hairstyle is a limited use: it is good at parties or in a club, but not at all suitable for everyday use. Unless you want to shock classmates or co-workers. In winter, when drifts lie on the street, the "wet" head will look strange.

6. Side parting

The side parting looks great at any length of hair - from ultrashort to super long. However, he looks particularly advantageous when curling half-long hair. It can be emphasized by making a small hair for a larger volume of hair.

5. Extra long hair

One of the main trends of the upcoming season is long hair. Do not give rest to the glory of the owner of the longest hair in Russia Tatyana Pismenny, whose braid is more than two meters? It's time to stop cutting hair or use the services of beauty salons to build hair. However, usually the hair grows no more than 60-90 cm in length, and, of course, behind the overgrown locks it is much harder to look after. But the loose flowing mass of long hair makes an indelible impression. The main thing is not to comb them forward on the face in the style of dead Japanese girls - you can bring others to a heart attack.

4. Retro-fringe

Tired of cutting the bangs and it grows? Do not worry, because a long careless bangs - one of the hairdresser trends in 2017.Especially elegant looks on curly half-length hair. Do you want to look like the Hollywood diva of the late 70's - early 80's? Then it's your choice.

3. Flat waves

Negligence and naturalness are the words that come to mind when looking at such a hairstyle. How much time the proprietress spent to look like that, remains behind the scenes. However, this hairstyle is not too laborious - you have to wind hair on the tongs, then divide into separate strands with your fingers. But, most importantly, the ends should remain straight.2. High pony tail

In the top 2 leaders of our hit-parade of fashionable haircuts came a very simple and very effective hairstyle. The higher the tail is tied, the more fashionable the image will turn out. And it can also be varied - naschem or an original way to collect hair. From the front, the hair can be left smooth, and behind it you can release one or two strands or slightly loosen them for greater carelessness of the image. The extra plus of this hairstyle - it fits literally to all the circumstances of life, from holidays to business meetings or "witchcraft" at the stove.

1. Straight hair

Long, straight, thick and radiant hair is the most important trend hairstyle of the coming year. The hairstyle is strict, simple, with a clear structure thanks to the central parting, and perfectly even hair, where there is no place for any unruly hair, effectively emphasize the beauty of the face. Despite the external simplicity, it is rather difficult to make it. After all, the main ingredient - flawlessly healthy long and shiny hair - boasts not so many women. Fortunately, thanks to some cosmetic tricks, for example, the best shampoos for hair, you can compensate for the shortcomings. And, of course, do not go out with such a hairdo on a windy day.