Clan Rankings world of tanks

World of tanks - a popular free multiplayer online game, dedicated to tanks of the Second World War. Players for collective execution of combat missions can be combined into permanent military units - clans. Such associations have many advantages, such as the ability to own provinces and receive regular income, they are able to conclude alliances, participate in tournaments.
We offer the clan rating of the world of tanks , which is current on February 24, 2012 according to the data of the portal
Clans in the ranking are ranked by the "Strength" indicator, meaning the ability to conquer and retain in submission a number of provinces.

10. Officers Only ( abbreviated 0_0).The clan has 96 soldiers and dominates in seven provinces, receiving a daily income of 6,000 units of "gold."The strength of the clan is estimated at 4,986 units.

9. Gears0fWar ( _GOW_) is part of the Khaki union, which includes seven more clans, and has 80 fighters. At the date of the rating, the clan owned six provinces, receiving 9120 income units.

8. Def based( DEFS) combines 85 players. The clan dominates in seven provinces and has 8880 units of "gold" a day.

7. The New Star ( NSTR) has 92 fighters and is leading in three provinces. The daily income is 3600 units of "gold".The strength of the clan is 526.

6. The ( HIVE) bees owns six provinces and has 73 soldiers. The income per day is 4560 gold. This clan of the world of tanks is a member of the "42nd Tank Division and others."

5. SB Kondor ( SB-K) is the main clan in seven provinces. The number of fighters is 84, the daily income is 8640, is a member of the Nord Alliance Alliance

4. 42nd Tank Division ( TD42) is one of the three participants in the ranking of the clans of the world of tanks ,Tank Division and others. "The TD42 unites 85 fighters, is not in the possession of the provinces, but is the fourth in the top ten in terms of strength - 756 units.

3. The RED: Aces ( RED_A) is part of the "Red Alliance", which unites 73 clans. The number of fighters is 96, in the possession of one province, yielding an income of 240 units of "gold" per day. The level of strength is 788 units.

2. 42nd Tank Division ( Alpha), abbreviated TD42A owns two provinces, with an income of 3840 per day. The clan unites 98 people and is a member of the "42nd Tank Division and others".

1. The RED ( RED) currently does not have provinces, but unites 72 soldiers and is a member of the "Red Alliance".The strength indicator of the clan is equal to 1000, while the disposal of force depends on the strategy of the alliance, so do not be surprised at the absence of provinces in the possession of the strongest of the clans.

By the end of last year, the number of players in the world of tanks has exceeded 18 million people around the world. Many of those who feel the talent of a strategist and leadership qualities have become the founders of their own clans. Most of the players are happy to join existing connections.
Perhaps our clan rating of the world of tanks will help some of the fans of the game make their choice.