Rating of fodders for cats

Professional breeders strongly recommend that only quality feeds be used in cat food. To make the right diet from products from the master's table is almost unreal. Therefore, today we offer a rating of cat food , compiled on the basis of two independent internet portals petfoodratings.net and findthebest.com.

10. Solid Gold Indigo Moon opening our rating, is produced by the American company Solid Gold Health Products for Pets. The main component of this dry food is chicken meat, which gives most of the protein. The composition also includes ocean fish, salmon fat, almond oil and a good set of vegetables and fruits. Protein content is 46%.

9. Natural Balance Ultra Premium Cat Food is a product of Natural Balance Pet Food, which has been producing animal feed for more than 20 years. Contains 34% protein from chicken, duck, lamb and fish. The food is universal and suitable for both kittens and adult animals, including pregnant and lactating animals.

8. Innova Cat and Kitten - feed for adult cats and kittens from Natura Pet Products. The protein content of the product is 36%, with turkey, chicken, potatoes, whole eggs and vegetables.

7. Felidae Cat and Kitten Formula is a universal product from CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Co, containing 32% protein, which is lower than the average of other participants in the rating. However, the composition is fairly balanced and, according to experts, the manufacturer uses only quality ingredients. The main source of carbohydrates is rice.

6. Acana Pacifica from the Canadian company Champion Pet Foods contains 35% protein, and the main ingredients are salmon and herring. Food does not contain grain components, like most of the participants in our rating.

5. Fromm Grain-Free Surf &Turf - the average position in the rating, a non-grain product from the American company Fromm Family. Protein content is stated at 38%, the main source of protein is duck meat. The source of carbohydrates is potatoes.

4. Wellness CORE Fish &Fowl - the leader in protein content in our rating of cat food , this indicator in the product of WellPet LLC has been brought to a record 50%. The main ingredients in dry food are turkey, fish and chicken. The main source of carbohydrates is potatoes.

3. Chicken Soup Adult Cat is a hypoallergenic dry food from Diamond Pet Foods. Does not contain artificial preservatives. The protein content of the composition is 30%.The feed contains grain components, which are the main source of carbohydrates.

2. Innova EVO Dry Cat Food - dry cat food from Natura Pet Products( USA). This is a non-cereal product of the premium segment with a protein content of 42%.Ingredients include turkey and chicken, herring, potatoes, whole eggs, and a variety of vegetables and fruits.

1. Orijen 6 Fish Cat Dry Cat Food is the best cat food , recommended for kittens and adult cats. The protein content in this feed is 41%.The products of the company Champion Petfoods from the Orijen line for the third year in a row receive the title "Food of the Year 2011-2012" from the Institute of Glycemic Research( USA) "The Glycemic Research Institute".

Unfortunately, experts estimate the inexpensive feedstuffs filled with counters of most Russian hypermarkets very low. All food included in our cat food rating , can be purchased at specialized pet stores or via the Internet.