Top 5 tips for choosing a tent

Together with the warm days there comes a season of hikes and just hilarious trips to nature with an overnight stay. So, a practical, comfortable and comfortable tent becomes an indispensable acquisition.

In today's compilation we offer the top-5 tips how to choose a tent from experienced tourists. Picking up your "mobile home", it is important to take into account a lot of nuances - and the size and order of assembly, and material. If the choice was correct, then the tent will provide only pleasant impressions of spending the night for many seasons in a row.


  • 5. The material of the tent
  • is very important 4. The capacity is no less important
  • 3. Comfort depends on the number of layers
  • 2. Much depends on the accessories
  • 1. The most important is the appointment of the tent

5. The material of the tent

is very importantpay attention to the materials from which the tent itself and the accessories are made. In addition, the lightning should not seize, the seams flow, and the metal parts - do not have a notch. Important factors in the choice of material is water resistance, density and fabric composition. By the way, modern ways of weaving fibers make it possible to create lightweight awnings even from thick and strong threads. For a camping tent there will be enough water resistance of 2500 mm. When using a weave type Rip Stop, the tent becomes stronger with the slightest increase in weight.

4. Capacity is not less important

In most cases, the number of tourists who will spend the night in a tent is known in advance. The optimal capacity is for 3-4 people. In such a tent it is convenient and together, and if necessary you can accommodate six.

For a country holiday, tents with several sleeping rooms are very convenient. One branch can be entirely allocated to children or, for example, with a large company can be accommodated by families.

3. Comfort depends on the number of layers

Most of the tents - two-layer. The sleeping room is made of mesh fabric, over which the canvas is stretched. As a result, air circulation is provided inside the tent, and if the tent is set for a short time and you do not plan to sleep in it, you can set the tent separately. The number of layers is more important for a tourist tent than for a camping.

2. Much depends on the accessories

Most often, the arcs of modern tents are made of aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum is lighter and 10-15% more expensive. Arcs are of different thicknesses, the thicker - the stronger, but at the same time heavier. The pegs included in the kit must be strong, lightweight and necessarily stiff.

1. The most important thing is the appointment of the tent

The type of tent is the main criterion for choosing. The whole set of tents can be divided into three classes - camping, trekking and extreme. If you do not plan to spend the night on a glacier high in the mountains, then an extreme tent will not be useful. Trekking will be an easier option, designed for carrying behind your back for long distances. A camping type - a large tent for a comfortable stay in nature, though, transport them to the place of installation is easier on cars, because this is not the easiest option.