Top 100 Best Brands of the World in 2017, Reputation Institute Research

In the current digital world of social networks, the company's affairs have a greater impact on reputation than words, and even, surprisingly, the prices and the percentage of discounts. And it depends on the reputation that people will buy in what quantity. In , the top 100 best brands of the world from a research company with the talking name Reputation Institute are not just companies whose products and services are of high quality, but those who managed to create a strong emotional connection with customers.

The strength of the emotional connection experts Reputation Institute evaluated according to seven basic criteria:

  1. Quality of products and services,
  2. innovation,
  3. working conditions,
  4. ability to manage,
  5. level of social responsibility,
  6. leadership qualities,
  7. efficiency and productivity.

Methodology for determining the best brands of the world

Based on these indicators, the average score was calculated, according to which the companies were distributed along the ladder of the people's trust."Excellent" level was given to those who were lucky enough to score more than 80 points. The whole significance of this assessment can be understood due to the fact that only the winning company managed to reach the coveted number.70-79 is an "excellent" result, and 60-69 is an "average" one. No company from the top 100 brands has fallen below 64.

In 2017, the top 10 brands with the highest reputation are distinguished by the rise in the value of luxury goods. On the , the first place is the Swiss company Rolex , which produces watches and accessories for them. This is the only brand that has reached the "excellent level" and scored 80.38 points( Rolex received the highest ratings for the "quality of products and services").In the top ten went the British brand Rolls-Royce, which produces prestigious cars, taking seventh place.

We present you a selection of companies with the best reputation according to the Reputation Institute.

Almost half of all places in the top ten are given to manufacturers of consumer goods. One of them is the Danish company LEGO, known for its designer of the same name. If in 2016 she took sixth place, then in 2017 she moved to the second, having received the highest rating in terms of "management".And all because of the films - since 2005 the company has been releasing steadily for the film-two a year, where the iconic characters for the modern film industry are embodied in a toy designer( by the way, in 2017 Batman appeared from cubes).Another ten of the manufacturers of consumer products include Canon, BOSCH, SONY and, for the first time ever, the company for the production of sportswear and accessories, dearly loved by certain segments of the Russian population - Adidas.

Last year was unsweetened for Internet companies and manufacturers of computer equipment - the most expensive brand in 2017 Google, lost in reputation, shifting from third place to the fifth, Microsoft generally disappeared from the top ten, getting the eleventh place. But worst of all had Apple - in 2011, the proud bearers of the apple sign ranked second in the ranking of reputations, but since then they are believed less and less. Up to the point that in 2017, Apple not only did not become one of the favorites, but also for unnamed compilers of the rating reasons it slid into the twentieth place. And the main rival of Apple, Samsung, generally moved closer to the end of the list and now occupies the seventieth place. Intel was more fortunate - the corporation triumphantly returned to the top ten after a one-year absence, taking eighth place.

The reputation of the only film company in the dozen Walt Disney Company could not spoil even the controversial "Awakening of the Force", because in 2016 two animated films were received, highly rated by critics and spectators - "Zveropolis" and "Moana".In the reputational rating, the company is in third place.

Reputation Institute experts believe that this rating will be useful not only to buyers, but also to manufacturers themselves. If the company did not get into the cherished hundred, then there is still room for improvement.