Rating of the best universities of the world

To date, perhaps, nothing so much is not valued among the population as an education. Quality and prestigious - this must be so. It is for this reason that one and then the second rating of the best universities of the world is gaining popularity. In the same article, we will try to announce the last ranking of the best universities in the world, in which the 50 most famous and most prestigious educational institutions of the world are gathered, which are popular among citizens of the whole world.

Chartered specialists, heads of departments and organizations, diplomats, wealthy businessmen - this is far from an exhaustive list of all those who have ever graduated from an educational institution, which today fell into our rating of the best universities in the world .

So, first place deservedly gets the oldest university in America, founded in 1636.This is the Harvard University , named after its founder and patron, John Harvard.

2. The second place of is at the educational institution, which for 150 years of its existence has produced 70 Nobel Prize winners( one laureate in two years!).This is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , located, again, in the states.

3. The third place near the school, which is located in the UK and its roots dates back to 1209.This is the Cambridge University .

4. Stanford University .

5. The University of California at Berkeley , whose foundation date is 1868.

6. This is claimed by Oxford University , located in the UK.26 British Prime Ministers, thirty world leaders - that's not the whole list of those who used to be a student of this prestigious institution.

7. The seventh place - at Princeton University .Founded in 1746, he continues to be famous throughout the world for his graduates, among whom there are a huge number of Nobel laureates.

8. The eighth place goes to to Tokyo University which counts its history starting from 1877.Today, the university can boast of the fact that it issued 15 ministers holding high posts.

9. Ninth place from the of the University of California at Los Angeles .Founded in 1919 and located near Hollywood, it can hit the public.

10. - Yale University .Almost the entire judicial apparatus is from here. Five presidents of the country also studied here.

11. This is the location of the of the California Institute of Technology .

12. University of Michigan .Modern, famous, prestigious. Well, a huge number of graduates are proud of the "crust" of this university.

13. Imperial College of London .Four prestigious faculties - medicine, science, technology and business attract more than 13 Ic. The students.

14. University of Chicago .Founded in 1890 on a grant from the famous John D. Rockefeller, today has more graduate students than students.

15. Columbia University .Needless to say, the current President of the States is a graduate of this particular institution.

16. Cornell University .This institution was opened in 1865 and was intended for people regardless of race and nationality.

17. University of Toronto ( Canada).Founded in 1827, today has 18 faculties and funding country

18. Johns Hopkins University ( USA).

19. University of Pennsylvania( USA)

20. Kyoto University( Japan)

21. University College London( United Kingdom)

22. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich( Switzerland)

23. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign( USA)

24. National University of Singapore( Singapore)

25. University of British Columbia( Canada)

26. McGill University( Canada)

27. University of Wisconsin-Madison( USA)

28. University of Washington( USA)

29. London School of Economics and Political Science( UK)

30. Tsinghua University( China)

31. University of California, San Francisco( USA)

32. Texas University in Austin( USA)

33. Duke University( USA)

34. New York University( USA)

35. Northwestern University( USA)

36. University of California, San Diego( AS)

37. Carnegie Mellon University( USA)

38. Peking University( China)

39. University of Hong Kong( Hong Kong)

40. University of Massachusetts( USA)

41. Georgia Institute of Technology( USA)

42. Ludwig-Maximilian University( Germany)

43. University of Melbourne( Australia)

44. Australian National University( Australia)

45. Davis University of California

46. University of the NorthCarolines in Chapel Hill( USA)

47. University of Minnesota

48. Purdye University

49. University of Edinburgh

50. Sydney University( Australia)