The most unusual ways of investing money

Where to invest free funds to save and multiply accumulations? The majority of inhabitants in response to this question will call the bank deposit, securities or even precious metals. However, there are originals that manage to earn on rare and, frankly, unusual ways of investing.

These are the most unusual ways of investing money and are presented in our today's Top-5.


  • 5. Participation in the search for the treasures of the wrecks
  • 4. Investments in collection wines
  • 3. Investments in bonsai
  • 2. Investments in the rental of dairy cows
  • 1. Investments in celebrity clothes

5. Participation in the search for treasures of the wrecks

Fortunate adventurers can look for sunken ships on their own. However, buying a stake in a company like Odyssey Marine is much more affordable. Over the past 2 years, the American company has grown in price by 2 times, and the holders of its shares have earned quite well. Odyssey Marine is engaged in the search for sunken ships and the disposal of cargo found in the holds. One of the last finds is 17 tons of silver in the cargo hold of a British dry cargo ship sunk in 1941.

4. Investments in collection wines

Fans of an intoxicating drink can combine business with pleasure, equipping a wine cellar in the basement of their house. However, with the purpose of earning it makes sense to collect only expensive collection wines, which over the years become more expensive. Buying a successful bottle in 3-4 years will pay off about 5 times. Putting wine investments into the stream, you can have a minimum of 30% of your annual income. That's just for the content of wine will have to take care of maintaining a constant temperature and moisture in the cellar.

3. Investing in bonsai

One of the most unusual ways of investing is investing money in decorative dwarf trees. The price of a young bonsai varies from $ 500 to $ 2,500. But a century-old sample is already sold at a price of 50,000 or more. You need to buy the plant in a specialized store, where you can get a guarantee that the bonsai will not wither in a couple of months, despite all the efforts of the owner. Naturally, this investment of money is long-term, because in order to get a good income, you have to wait until the tree grows up and he turns ten.

2. Investments in the rental of cash cows

Having a farm and a cowshed at your disposal, it is not necessary to buy cows. You can rent them, and at the end of the year safely return it to the owner. For 12 months, the rental of dairy cows brings a minimum of 5-10% of profits. By the way, livestock rent is not that exotic, in Russia this type of investment is quite common in agricultural regions.

1. Investments in celebrity clothes

Very an unusual kind of investment can bring a good income. Particularly valued things belonged to the now deceased stars of cinema, show business and politics. For example, the famous white dress of Marilyn Monroe was sold in 2011 for $ 4.6 million, Michael Jackson jacket from the movie "Thriller" - for $ 1.8 million. Clothing of living celebrities is valued less, but it can also bring income. So, in October 2012 for $ 71 thousand were sold meltings, in which Daniel Craig played James Bond in the movie "Casino Royale."