Top 10 reasons to change jobs

Ideal work brings stable high income and a sense of satisfaction, inspires and promotes self-fulfillment and also leaves time for family and hobbies. How many people can boast of this kind of work? Alas. ..

True, even an imperfect employer and boring duties, we tend to appreciate and are afraid to lose. But the change in the place of work or occupation of the person in the overwhelming majority of cases is prompted by the same motives. Today we publish Top 10 reasons to change the work of .So, we change the work to. ..


  • 10. To develop
  • 9. To get rid of the hated boss
  • 8. To get rid of the unregulated work day
  • 7. To keep the health of
  • 6. To get rid of the depression
  • 5. Toleave the team, the relationship with which did not work out
  • 4. To spend less time on the road
  • 3. To grow up the career ladder
  • 2. To dramatically change the occupation
  • 1. To increase the income of

10. To develop

Routine and oneshaped work gradually transforms man into an automaton. Even promotion in office does not always allow you to get rid of long-familiar monotonous duties. The desire to learn something new, to develop and learn often pushes people to leave at the age of 30 years.

9. To get rid of the hated boss

High income and interesting work can lose all attraction if you are daily called "on the carpet" to get your share of moralizing, reproaches and ridiculous errands. Qualified and confident employees often change jobs, fleeing from such terror.

8. To get rid of a non-standardized working day

An irregular day does not allow you to plan your own life, but work invades your personal space, destroying your family, leaving no place for hobbies, friends and recreation. Here they begin to appreciate the working day from 9 to 18 with an hour-long lunch break.

7. To preserve the health of

Irreproachable harm to health causes not only work at the smelter, but also, for example, the position of a seller in a large perfume store. Realizing that health is more expensive, people are changing jobs to a safer place.

6. To get rid of depression

Changing jobs and activities are often part of complex therapy for deep depression. Psychologists say that the new collective and the new work literally "shake" the person, awakening him to life.

5. To leave the team, relations with which did not work out

Constant intrigues and strained relations with colleagues are able to spoil even the most rosy ideas about the workplace, forcing to look for something new. This reason for the change of work is often called female employees.

4. To spend less time on the road

Many kilometers of traffic jams that take 3-4 hours of time are able to make anyone think about changing jobs. If the work is far from home, then we are forced to rise unreasonably early, and home to get already dark, that does not leave time for rest.

3. To grow on the career ladder

A simple and understandable reason for changing jobs. The factor of career growth is especially important for male employees, regardless of the occupation.

2. To dramatically change the occupation

This reason is especially relevant in the age category from 30 to 45 years. Often, having worked 10-15 years in one place, a person suddenly decides to do what he really is interested in. Among those who have changed their profession, there are quite a few women who did not return to their former job after maternity leave.

1. To increase the income of

The main reason that motivates the vast majority of people to go to work every day is the need to earn money. Therefore, it is logical that the main reason to change jobs is to search for a higher income.