Top 10 best skateboards from the best companies

Soon the spring will come in full force, the snow will come down and the sun that looks out will dry the asphalt. So, it's time to change skis and skates for something more appropriate to weather conditions. For example, on the skateboard of any of its variety - from the classic short with a double bend to a cruise longboard. To choose the best model of skateboards of 2017 the rating will help, made taking into account user feedback on the site of "Yandex. Market".


  • 10. Penny Shark( 22 inches)
  • 9. Razor RipStik G
  • 8. Razor Ripster
  • 7. Penny Original( 22 inches)
  • 6. ATEMI ASB-6.12
  • 5. Rollersurfer Promo Board
  • 4. BEETLEColorado
  • 3. SK( Sports Collection) Toxic
  • 2. SC( Sports Collection) Mask
  • 1. Globe Bantam

10. Penny Shark( 22 inches)

Average price: 3 500 rubles.

Opens the list of the best skateboards widely known among fans of this sport American firm Penny and its model longboard 22 inches long. Skates of this company are light and stable, and rubberized wheels do not make noise and soften the roughness of the asphalt. A good option for a gift to a child who is just beginning to learn the wisdom of skiing. But for adult men the size will be too small.

9. Razor RipStik G

Average price: 8 000 rubles.

If the previous model in the top 10 skateboards is designed for miniature skateboarders, then the professional Rollercer Razor RipStik G is for people who are strong not only in spirit, but also in body. This is the only model in the line, which is capable of sustaining people weighing under 100 kg without sacrificing themselves. It is distinguished by its robust construction, high quality of materials, reliability and durability. The only drawback is the price.

8. Razor Ripster Air

Average price: 5 500 rubles.

A small compact roller-scooter, the younger brother of the professional skate RipStik Air, is designed for people weighing up to 80 kg. Advantages: reinforced fiberglass shell, anti-slip coating, high-quality bearings, weighs only two kilograms and easily fits in a backpack. A good option for those who do not need frenzied turns, but just want to go for a drive.

7. Penny Original( 22 inches)

Average price: 8,000 rubles.

New recycling of the old original model of the seventies, one of those with whom the skateboarding flourished as a sport. The main advantage of Penny Original is its versatility, small size, low weight, convenience and ease of operation. The board is very comfortable and can develop high speed. However, the jumping qualities of her are not so hot, it's still a longboard. A variety of colors will allow you to choose a board to your liking.

6. ATEMI ASB-6.12

Average price: 2 500 rubles.

Nine-layered Chinese maple skate on light aluminum suspension, double bend. Designed for those who are just starting to master skateboarding - children and adults weighing up to 80 kg.

5. Rollersurfer Promo Board

Average price: 2 800 rubles.

Inexpensive lightweight( only 1.7 kg) skateboard for children and teenagers - it is easily accelerated and at the same time it fits perfectly even in the most steep turns. And the glowing wheels surely will delight the child.

4. BEETLE Colorado

The price, on the average: 5 000 rubles.

Bordy BEETLE is produced by a Russian firm, and, judging by the skateboarders' reviews, it goes out quite well. BEETLE Colorado - a small maneuverable mini-cruiser, while very stable, with a fresh and interesting design without a shadow of acrimony. It fits easily in a backpack.

3. SK( Sports Collection) Toxic

Average price: 2 500 rubles.

On this classic skateboard, amateurs can perform tricks of almost any degree of complexity. The wheels are medium hard, the nine-layer board is made of Chinese and Canadian maple, the coating improves the grip of the skateboarder's shoes with the surface.

2. SC( Sports Collection) Mask

Average price: 1 500 rubles.

From the previous position in the skateboard rating, the Mask model from the UK is distinguished by the quality of the bearings - if the Toxic ABEC 3( bearings for medium-sized skateboards), then the Mask - ABEC 1( made less accurately than ABEC 3) and the wheels have a stiffness of 90 A.This is just below average stiffness for the street and skatepark, optimally - 99-101 A. But a very affordable price for a pocket to almost anyone, and a variety of drawings will allow you to choose a board that fits perfectly in style.

1. Globe Bantam

Average price: 9 200 rubles.

And on the first place in the top 10 skateboards for price and quality is the legendary model of the longboard Globe Bantam - an Australian company created by professional surfers. It's no secret that skateboarding began with surfers, who in the winter months did not have enough ocean. Based on user feedback, to start using Globe Bantam is like switching to a limousine after a nine. Absolutely different sensations. Globe Bantam moves smoothly, smoothly, while developing a dizzying speed.

Just in case, we warn: when riding skate, observe the safety rules - wear a helmet, protection and, preferably, gloves for slides. And you also need to think ahead in advance for places to ride.