Best restaurants of the world 2016, rating The Restaurant Magazine

The British magazine The Restaurant Magazine for chefs, restaurateurs and other catering professionals presented the annual of the top 50 best restaurants in the world .There is in the rating and the representative of Russia, this Moscow institution White Rabbit( 18 line).And we present to you the top ten gourmet restaurants chosen by the international expert jury.


10. Asador Etxebarri, Aspe, Spain

  • 9. Steirereck, Vienna, Austria
  • 8. Narisawa, Tokyo, Japan
  • 7. Mugaritz, San Sebastian, Spain
  • 6. Mirazur, Menton, France
  • 5. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 4. Central, Lima, Peru
  • 3. Eleven Madison Park, New York, USA
  • 2. El Celler De Can Roca, Girona, Spain
  • 1. Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy
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  • 10. Asador Etxebarri, Aspe, Spain

    The restaurant is located under the shadow of the mountains in a sleepy village near San Sebastian. In the old stone building you will be served huge juicy prawns from Palamos, fresh buffalo mozzarella and chorizo ​​sausage. Particular attention is paid by the chef of the restaurant to frying on an open fire. Dreamed of smoked ice cream with a smoke flavor? In Asador Etxebarri dreams come true.

    9. Steirereck, Vienna, Austria

    The exterior of the restaurant looks like a huge glass cube. And inside you there is an interesting combination of wood, concrete and starched white tablecloths. The table must be reserved three weeks in advance. Portions are small, but between them visitors are brought "compliments from the chef."Nobody will go hungry from Steirereck.

    8. Narisawa, Tokyo, Japan

    Almost all the ingredients used in this restaurant are purely Japanese. The menu includes dishes according to the environment and the season, so lunch in Narisawa is a journey into Japanese seasonality and culture. The restaurant serves fine Japanese wines, such as Pinot Noir and Riesling Lion.

    7. Mugaritz, San Sebastian, Spain

    Already the second, but not the last, "Spaniard" in the ranking of the best restaurants in 2016.There are 20 different dishes on the menu. In this restaurant everything is aimed at the surprise and entertainment of the customers, so be prepared to withstand the whole culinary show, which lasts 3-4 hours and is performed immediately for all tables.

    6. Mirazur, Menton, France

    Is it possible that the top 10 restaurants in the world could do without the cuisine of sunny France? The secret weapon of the restaurant is its own farm and a network of suppliers from the market in Ventimiglia, a rich source of delicious vegetables and fresh seafood. A specialty is oysters with tapioca, pear and shallot cream.

    5. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Dishes with simple names such as apples and lemon thyme, cabbage and white currant leaves, new Danish potatoes provide such a wealth of taste and texture that you previously hardly experienced. If you want to visit this restaurant, then hurry: at the end of 2016 the owner plans to close it and open it as a suburban farm.

    4. Central, Lima, Peru

    Guests of the restaurant are offered a whole culinary expedition through the Peruvian ecosystem, from the Amazon to the Pacific coast. The Central menu tasting begins with dishes, the components of which meet at a level of 20 meters below sea level. And ends with dishes with ingredients growing at a level up to 4100 meters above the ground. Peruvian jungle, mountains, desert and sea - decide what from the local flora you want to taste.

    3. Eleven Madison Park, New York, USA

    The chef of this restaurant often improvises with food, creating bizarre personalized dishes. In the reviews, the visitors are noted by very cordial and polite staff. The main dish of the institution is the duck Finger leyx dry under its own sauce, with a mushroom and pear tree. One trouble - small portions, not every Russian person they eat.

    2. El Celler De Can Roca, Girona, Spain

    Leader of restaurant rating in 2015.This restaurant, owned by the three brothers Rock, boasts a wine cellar for 50,000 bottles, growing behind the glass birches and menus with dishes of various cuisines around the world. If Asador Etxebarri serves smoked ice cream, then you can try asparagus ice cream and ice cream from olives. It is made on a real olive tree in a pot.

    1. Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy

    This exquisite restaurant has only 12 tables, and all dishes are unique. Portions are small, but in Osteria Francescana go to join the world of high cuisine, and not trite to fill the stomach. The wines that are served in the institution are made in small Italian wineries especially for the restaurant.

    Top-50 of the best restaurants in the world( Infographics)

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