Top-5 best all-in-one computers on Windows 8.1

For those who want to purchase a desktop computer that does not take up too much space, all-in-one devices are the best choice. Another option is a mini-PC, small enclosures that need to be connected to external monitors and which are not as productive as all-in-one computers.

Below is a list of the top 5 computers "all in one", which will help to make a choice. There are also very unusual unique solutions, however in this case more traditional variants with a good balance of productivity and aesthetics are shown.


  • Lenovo A740
  • Dell Inspiron 23 7000 Series
  • HP Envy Recline
  • Samsung ATIV One 7
  • Asus ET2323

The Lenovo A740

One of the best models ever built in this category of computers, with a body of aluminum and glass with a thickness of 4 mmin the minimum point. The 27 inch display has a resolution of 2560 x 1440( 2K), unlike all the previous ones.

The best available processor here is the 2-core Intel Core i7 Haswell, there is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850 graphics card, 8 GB of DDR3 memory, a 1 TB hard drive, a 8 GB hybrid, audio speakers, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, NFC and an optional TV tuner, there is no optical drive.

These specifications will cost customers $ 1500.There is a 23-inch version of the A530 with Full HD resolution and built-in graphics Intel Iris, while the price is why the same. For those who want to save, Lenovo laptop, stylish and productive, will suit perfectly.

Dell Inspiron 23 7000 Series

Over the years, Dell has built a reputation for producing the best laptops and Windows computers. Recently, she changed the approach to design, including premium materials such as aluminum and carbon, so that the devices have become even more attractive.

The Inspiron 23 model is no exception. This is one of the thinnest computers of the , it has the Intel Core i7 chip of the 4th generation( Haswell), a 23.8-inch Full-HD IPS display, 12 GB of DDR3 memory,1TB drive and 32GB solid state drive, AMD Radeon HD 8690 graphics card with 2GB memory, Wi-Fi 802.11ac and a number of connectors, built-in audio speakers, no optical drive.

The computer is equipped with an Intel RealSense camera, which is needed when working with the new Hello authentication function in Windows 10, which scans the user's face.

The initial price of this computer in the US is $ 700, the most expensive model will cost $ 1100.If you need more performance and want to buy a Dell model, you can choose XPS 27 Touch.

HP Envy Recline

HP is another company that recently decided to design their devices, as evidenced by the Envy product line. The described model is available in two versions, with displays 23 and 27 inches. The most productive version uses a 2-core Core i5 Haswell microprocessor, Full HD screen resolution, up to 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD and 8 GB hard drive, GeForce 830 graphics card with 1 GB of memory, 802.11ac MIMO, built-in audio speakers,row of connectors. There is no optical drive here.

The starting price is $ 850 for the 23-inch model and $ 1,250 for the 27-inch model. It is to the latter that these specifications are presented.

Samsung ATIV One 7

One of the best computers "all in one" from the South Korean manufacturer. Samsung is a significant force in the display market, which is demonstrated in this case in a 27-inch curved screen.

It uses 2-core Intel Core i5, integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 5500, 8 GB DDR3 memory, 1 TB hard drive, 802.11ac MIMO Wi-Fi, built-in audio speakers and connectors. A curved display highlights the computer among competitors. It is not touch-sensitive, has a brightness of 300 nits, Full HD resolution, 16: 9 aspect ratio and anti-reflective coating.

The computer is not as productive as the Dell or HP models, but the curved display raises the cost to $ 1,300.Whether such display is necessary and what is the use in it, it is up to the customers.

Asus ET2323

Computers "all in one" is usually easy to distinguish from just computer monitors. However, the described model looks rather unusual, and only after seeing the Ethernet connector from behind, you begin to suspect that before you the computer.

23-inch touch screen hides 2-core Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT840M graphics card with 1 GB of video memory, up to 16 GB of RAM, a bundle of HDD and a hybrid drive 1 TB and 8 GB, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, there are built-in audio speakers. The case hides the wireless charging board for mobile devices.

The model with a Core i5 processor costs $ 1022.In addition, there is a model ET27GTH with a processor of the desktop category Core i7 4770 and a video card AMD Radeon HD8890 with 2 GB of memory for $ 1500.