Top of the worst museums and castles in the world

The history of mankind, unfortunately, is rich in cases of manifestation of cruelty, reaching vampirism. And no matter how much we shout about humanity and justice, every moment on Earth acts of violence are committed.

On the manifestations of human cruelty, you can make endless lists and ratings. One of such ratings was the 10 most terrible museums and castles in the world.

So, the first place is occupied by the Czech Museum Kostnice. In its time on the site of this museum there was a local cemetery. After its closure, in order to restore order, all the skeletons of the deceased, including as a result of plague and war, were dumped in the basement of the chapel. After 2 centuries, a certain monk, in an attempt to clean up the chapel, dumped all the bones in six pyramid-shaped heaps. Even after 3 centuries, the new owner of the chapel commissioned the design of the chapel to the master of wood carving F. Rint, who processed all the existing skeletons and created from them a chilling interior of human bones.

The second place went to to the Chertai Museum in Lithuania .In the museum are collected almost 2000 exhibits of devils, extremely realistically created from leather, wood, ceramics and other materials. This collection is the most numerical in its kind.

In third place is a monument that symbolizes the white man's guilt before a dark race: one of the first black slave trading centers, Elmina Castle .A narrow, narrow room, with a tiny window under the ceiling, fetters and a narrow passage in the wall - a passage for loading slaves. And the most chilling sight is the well, where people spent months waiting for their fate.

Fourth place - Torture Museum in the Netherlands .The museum, which in the 13th century was the casemate for torture of prisoners, is the most terrible collection of working tools executors. Before the eyes of the most bloody pictures and cruel torture, moreover, the amiable guide will answer in detail all questions on the use and purpose of torture instruments.

In the capital of Italy is the most mysterious museum in the world - Museum of the deceased .The entrance to this museum is free, however, for his visit it will be necessary to obtain permission from the priest. The museum is filled with artifacts that are directly related to ghosts. The museum is allowed to photograph, however, no one has yet been able to print the photographs taken.

Sixth place - Dracula Castle in Romania .The castle is an eerie sight in the Gothic style. In one of the many rooms is a huge bed, on which, according to legend, Dracula sucked blood from his victims. In fact, the count was not a vampire, the basis of the legend was his bloodthirst to his servants.

Seventh Place - Museum of Torture in Malta in Mdine .The museum stores countless original medieval instruments of torture and wax characters, recreating realistic pictures of cruel atrocities.

The museum of pathologists and in Vienna is full of human organs and parts of the body, and exhibits demonstrating abnormal cases of human development and venereal diseases. Everything, as they say, is natural, therefore it is extremely unattractive.

In the Hygiene Museum in St. Petersburg there is no single subject matter of exhibits: here is Pavlov's dog, and idle exhibits of circulatory systems, and dentist chair from the past, and even exhibits of genitals showing the gradual development of venereal diseases. All, individually, unpleasant and is a single disgusting spectacle.

In the Horror Castle in London, collected a little bit: the fire exposition in London, the medieval cameras and torture instruments, as well as various blood-chilling shows.