Top 20 most unusual houses in the world

The most unusual is a three-story solid private residence, the top floor of which is a real turboprop passenger airplane. And - not small. This house is in Nigeria.

In second place - a 19-storey residential building in Rotterdam( Netherlands).Randomly arranged huge balconies-terraces with shaggy landscaping give it the appearance of a cactus from the American deserts.

The third place is the Mexican house, in which there is not a single corner. Architect Javier Senosian, the architect of the dwelling, was spied on by nature. He constructed it by analogy with the shell of the ocean shellfish of the Nautilus. In it, even furniture is an integral part of walls, and plants grow inside the house.

Next - an unimaginably chaotic Japanese complex of nine houses. It's hard to understand the rooms that are arranged horrendously. Whether the child's designer, or "Lego."Here, even to get to the toilet, you need to "include the brain."The architect hopes in this way to extend the life of the inhabitants of the quarter-puzzle. Address: suburb of Tokyo Mitaki. Above the name, you can also break your head: "Reversible fate"

Kemerovo resident Nikolai Orekhov was also noted. He built a ship. Not finding the nearby sea, without thinking twice, he turned the ship into a house. Do not disappear the same good.

In the Canadian taiga, huge ideal balls of polished wood with eye-portholes hovered among the trees. No, it's not UFO and aliens. These are such houses - for "free in spirit".

House upside down. Above, as it should be - the foundation, and below - the roof. The Pole tried. Perhaps in this house you understand modern life better.

Who lives in the Spassky Tower? The Kuban Cossack Mikhail Shchurov. If it is not stopped, soon the problem with the transfer of the capital will be solved.

The Swiss just took and dug their own house in the hill."House for the Hobbits" was too big for dwarfs, so the builders decided to live in it themselves.

, Kansas, USA.City library in the form of roots of giant volumes. Respect for the book is guaranteed by one hundred percent.

In Germany, there is a multi-storey house, as if molded from plasticine by a preschooler. It is called the "Forest Spiral".

The Americans also decided to overturn the house with antique columns, but bent one of them. Inaccurate. They called: "House of Miracles".

The Dutch dumped the cubes as necessary and settled in them.

The Portuguese took and drilled a house in the rock. But - reliable and free.

In the United States in the field is a huge basket. And in it - not mushrooms, but people. Seven floors to the people.

If you see this house in Poland, do not pinch yourself. It's not you-drunk, it's him.

Someone dropped a huge heap of solution, and the Vietnamese gnawed a hole in it. Three-story.