Rating of the most stolen cars in 2012

Every day hundreds of car owners turn to the police with applications for car theft. And the owners of some models of cars do this somewhat more often than all the others. Earlier, we had already published the top ten most popular cars among hijackers according to 2011 data. Today we bring to your attention rating of the most stolen cars of 2012 .

Obviously, the preferences of intruders have changed somewhat. For example, among the most stolen, the Lexus brand disappeared, but Audi replaced it. Experts note that this year second-hand foreign cars steal more often than new ones. Probably, criminals are much easier to overcome already well-known somewhat outdated vehicle protection.


  • 10. Audi Q7.
  • 9. BMW X5.
  • 8. Toyota Avensis.
  • 7. Toyota Camry.
  • 6. BMW X6.
  • 5. Mazda 3.
  • 4.Mazda CX-9.
  • 3. Mazda 6.
  • 2. Honda CR-V.
  • 1. Honda Accord.

10. Audi Q7.

For this full-size luxury crossover, European insurers set rather high tariffs. The fact is that Q7 likes hijackers not only in Russia, but also in Germany, as well as throughout the EU.By the way, in 2013 the release of the updated version of the car is expected.

9. BMW X5.

Only in the first two weeks of August in Moscow, seven cars of this prestigious model were stolen. X5 is in the rating of the most stolen cars for several years in a row.

8. Toyota Avensis.

In the current rating, Avensis replaced King, which last year was among the top ten. By the way, Toyota cars are among the top ten most sold in Russia in 6 months of 2012.

7. Toyota Camry.

The representative sedan often rises in the first place in the "hijack" reports of the traffic police. Criminals are equally fond of both the restyling version, released last year, and cars of previous generations.

6. BMW X6.

The second model of the German concern, pleased with our rating. By the way, the cost of this medium-sized crossover in the salons of official dealers starts from 3 million rubles - a tasty morsel for intruders.

5. Mazda 3.

One of the most stolen cars in its class appears daily in police reports. For example, from August 1 to August 14, 2012 in Moscow and the region 16 machines of this model were stolen, i.ะต.more than one per day.

4.Mazda CX-9.

This model of the Japanese brand is most popular in the markets of the USA, Russia and Saudi Arabia. By the way, stolen in Russia CX-9 often turn out to be sold on the territory of Ukraine, where they also respect the quality of Japanese cars.

3. Mazda 6.

In last year's rating the model occupied only the sixth line, today it closes the top three. Although out of ten stolen Mazda 6 does not go almost never, periodically competing with the Honda Accord.

2. Honda CR-V.

Models of Honda brand traditionally top the list of hijackers' preferences. For a number of years, this or that model is one of the three most stolen. In the 2012 rating, the CR-V is quite a bit inferior to the leader.

1. Honda Accord.

The car does not lose its unrivaled leadership for the second consecutive year. Therefore, experts advise when buying so often stolen car immediately to worry about installing a reliable security system. And here to help the car owner comes the rating of the best car alarms.