Rating of the best car alarms

The abundance of manufacturers in the automotive signaling market often complicates the choice of a reliable and high-quality product. We offer a rating of car alarms , compiled on the basis of tests and on customer feedback and designed to introduce car owners to industry leaders. The list includes the best car alarm manufacturers and the best models. After reading the material, you will no longer have the question "Which model or manufacturer should I choose?".

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  • 10. Pantera
  • 9. Stalker
  • 8. Clifford
  • 7. Tomahawk
  • 6. Alligator
  • 5. Sheriff
  • 4. Magnum
  • 3. Pandora
  • 1. StarLine

10. Pantera

is a brand of Saturn Hi Tech. A wide range of models allows satisfying the needs of customers with different financial possibilities. The most popular model of the brand is the Pantera SLR-5750 with two-way communication function and a range of reception up to 2000 meters.

9. Stalker

- a range of security systems from the company MAGIC SYSTEMS.The most popular product of the brand is car alarm with digital LAN-bus Stalker -600 LAN3 .A system with feedback, two LCD key fobs, a voice tracking unit and a built-in tilt / move sensor.

8. The Clifford

offers car alarms in a wide price range. One of the most popular models of the brand is the Clifford Matrix 300X system with two-way communication, auto start and a turbo timer. Color OLED display. Notification up to 1000m.

7. Tomahawk

has become widely known for its two-way alarms. Low prices with a rich set of functions and technical characteristics distinguish the system of this brand. The leader of sales is car alarm with feedback and automatic start of the engine Tomahawk TZ-9020 .

6. Alligator

is a popular brand from the company MMS.Alligator alarms are characterized by low price, adaptation to Russian conditions, simplicity of installation and operation. The leader among the products of the brand was the car alarm with 2-way communication Alligator cm-30 GC with the increased range of reception up to 2000 m, protection from scanning and interception of commands.

5. Sheriff

is a budgetary series of security systems from PIT.At a low cost, these alarms contain all the necessary spectrum of security and service functions. The popular model Sheriff ZX-750 is equipped with six service channels, an interactive LCD-pager, active and passive anti-theft systems.

4. Magnum

is a brand of MCC.Since 2008, installation of components of anti-theft systems is performed on the boards of Samsung Electronics. The popular system Magnum Elite MH-780 guarantees the control of the car's condition at any distance in the GSM reception area.

3. Pandora

-market, owned by the Russian company Alarm Trade. The young brand has already proved itself with the help of affordable pricing and high quality. Car alarm with two-way communication Pandora DeLuxe 1870 is equipped with protection against electronic burglary and a long range of warning.


- the brand of the Moscow company MEGA-F.The development of Scher-Khan car alarms is carried out in Russia, and production is in South Korea. Warranty for all products is 5 years. The leader of the brand sales is Scher - Khan MAGICAR 7 system with two-way communication and automatic engine starting.

1. StarLine

is a recognized leader among car alarm manufacturers on the Russian market. All products of the brand, owned by the company "Ultra Star", are distinguished by high reliability and attractive ratio of consumer qualities and value. The sales leader - security system with two-way communication StarLineTwage A91 is equipped with a dialog authorization and individual encryption keys. The best car alarm!