Top-10 best-selling foreign cars in Russia

The love of foreign auto giants for Russian consumers is known for a long time. Not spoiled by the domestic auto industry, Russians are increasingly buying cars from foreign brands.

The top ten most sold in Russia foreign cars is made according to the analytical agency "Autostat".Although official data on the number of cars sold were made public during the period from January to July 2011, according to most dealers, the situation is unlikely to change significantly after the calculation of data for the second half.

10. Renault Sandero showed outstanding results in terms of sales growth - compared to last year, this indicator grew by more than 200%.From January to July 2011, 23562 vehicles were sold.

9. Chevrolet Lacetti added 41% to the sales level in comparison with the period January-July 2010.Despite the fact that the forces of the Koreans are currently cast to meet the increased demand in Western Europe, two cars of this brand took positions in the top ten most popular foreign cars in Russia.

8. Volkswagen Polo , whose sales drastically increased in the Russian market after the appearance of the sedan version, was in eighth place with the index of 25 518 cars sold.

7. Opel Astra , thanks to its renewed appearance, increased its sales figures by more than two times compared to seven months of 2010.In January-July 2011, 26 318 cars were sold.

6. Chevrolet Niva enjoys a stable demand among Russians. This year, for seven months, sales exceeded last year's 42%.

5. Kia Rio is known on the market for more than 10 years. Since mid-2010, the car is going to Kaliningrad at the Avtotor plant, which could not but affect positively on the availability of cars and, consequently, on the growth of sales.

4. Daewoo Nexia has been in high demand among Russians for several years. Sales of the car for January-July 2011 exceed the indicators of 2010 by 38%.

3. The Ford Focus is practically a "folk" car in Russia. Focus remained the best-selling foreign car in Russia for seven years! It was this car that was on the first place in the top ten of last year.

2. Hyundai Solaris , which, although manufactured in Russia for less than a year, is already confidently "coming on the heels" to the leader of our ten. The result for seven months of 2011 was 49 310 cars, so it is possible that after summing up the final results of the year Solaris will be in first place.

1. The Renault Logan is ahead of the number of purchased Solaris by 374 cars and becomes the best-selling foreign-made car according to Autostat.

It is noteworthy that the rating of foreign cars sold in 2011 by in the secondary market looks somewhat different:

1. Toyota Corolla

2. Ford Focus

3. Volkswagen Passat

4. Daewoo Nexia

5. Toyota Land Cruiser

6.Mitsubishi Lancer

7. Toyota Camry

8. Hyundai Accent

9. Chevrolet Niva

10. Opel Astra

In general, the trend is that Russians prefer to buy a new car more often, but the used car market is gradually decreasing.