Rating of the best car GPS-navigators

Rating of the best GPS-navigators will help determine the choice of those who are constantly on the go, or heading to an unfamiliar city, the GPS-navigator is an indispensable thing that will help you use only one device instead of a heap of cards. Enter the address - and the system will prompt the closest or the shortest way( sometimes it is not the same), and also help you find the nearest gas stations, hotels, etc. However, choosing a navigator, like any technique is not easy.

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  • 5. Garmin nuvi 3790t
  • 4. Garmin nuvi 1310t
  • 3Garmin nuvi 1410t
  • Price: 8200 rubles
  • 2. Garmin nuvi 1200t
  • 1. Garmin nuvi 1300t

5. Garmin nuvi 3790t

Price: 16 000 rubles

The main advantage of this model is the voice control, which is responsive to the commands and understands the differentlanguage constructs, for example, if the street name consists of two words, then it is enough to name only one of them so that the navigatorshaped route.

However, this is not the only advantage of this model. It also indicates the lane of the road, recommended for movement in the right direction, which helps at complex junctions. Also, the system allows you to bypass traffic jams, while using not only current information, but also predicting the situation based on the day of the week and time of day.

4. Garmin nuvi 1310t

Price: 7500 rubles

Using information about traffic jams appeared in Russia relatively recently, but Garmin has already achieved impressive results. This service is free and allows you to avoid traffic congestion, and if this is not possible, the system will choose such a route to stay in traffic jams as little as possible. You can also use this model for walking outside the car, for this there is a special pedestrian mode and built-in battery.

3. Garmin nuvi 1410t

Price: 8200 rubles

If you often have to talk on the road by phone, then this model will be very handy, as it will play the role of a handsfree, connecting with the phone on BlueTooth. This navigator is the largest in rating of the best GPS navigators , which is convenient not only for large cars, but also for people with imperfect vision. In the navigator there is an antenna for receiving information about traffic jams, and maps of regions of Russia are loaded into memory. Another interesting feature of this model is that all routes are laid taking into account the rules of the road.

2. Garmin nuvi 1200t

Price: 5000 rubles

This model is notable for its compactness and very low price in comparison with others, which does not diminish its merits: the traffic notification system, maps of the regions of Russia, built-in battery, designed for several hours of walking,and intuitive simple control makes the use of the device especially pleasant.

1. Garmin nuvi 1300t

Price: 6800 rubles

This model successfully copes with its direct "duties": to find houses at the address, towns, make a route, choosing the fastest route with traffic jams, as well as the search for points of interest( hotels,restaurants, shops, etc.).Simplicity and brevity of this model makes "communication" with it the most pleasant, reasonable price and precise performance of functions make this model the most popular and put it on the first place rating of the best car GPS navigators.