Top-10 most original lighting fixtures

Design lamps are not lights in the full sense of the word. It is a flight of thought, frozen in plastic, steel, wood, paper, rubber. Creative experiments of modern decorators and design studios have no boundaries. What they offer, it is impossible to meet in a mediocre apartment, but to consider in more detail on the pages of our site - please.

Below is the rating of non-trivial design fixtures , capable of decorating the most unusual interior.

Opens the top ten cute glowing giraffe from Officina Crea. The lamp will become the starting point of the interior of the children's room, filling the room with light and joy. Both kids and parents will get a lot of positive emotions.

At the 9th position the lamp-inkwell "Write? Light! ยป.A drop of white glass deserves a place of honor in the study. It is necessary to pull out the "pen" from the stand, as it starts to glow. An ideal solution for people who have not yet forgotten how to write letters on paper.

The 8th place landing plane lamp from Italian designer Maurizio Lamponi. The artist creates his own fixtures, inspired by the usual things. Often the details come from old motorcycles and bicycles. For the manufacture of this table lamp, precious wood and manual labor were used.

7 step belongs to the creation of Jan Bernstein, who was able to turn a regular cup of tea into a creative lamp for the kitchen."Porcelain" lampshade with a hanging tea bag-switch - an excellent addition to the traditional tea.

Will bring a note of horror to our rating of the lamp-hangman, who took 6th place. Spanish designers have woven a man from wires, having supplied it with a light bulb instead of a head. In the daytime, the creation of the enPieza studio looks quite peaceful, but in the twilight it's extremely ominous.

Bulldozer bulldozer from Studio Job divides the top ten exactly in half. A wonderful bronze piece with the sonorous name "Wrecking Ball Lamp" allows you to play with light, moving the boom of the tap from side to side. The mobility of the product attracts respectable men who have not played enough in their childhood in typewriters.

Children's toy yo-yo was inspired by Elmar Flototto, whose creation we gave the 4th place. The luminous coil is not only beautiful, but also useful - it is wound with a 16-meter extension, and inside it is built-in spotlights.

Where without fur seals. In a wave of general insanity on the representatives of the cat family, French designers created an elegant series of cat lamps, calling them Micha Lamps. They are now 3 positions.

In a step away from victory, George Carwardine's giant work stopped. It is not clear whether Anglepoise Giant can be called a table lamp, if its dimensions exceed the height of the table itself? Support the spirit of Tsereteli and vote for the size of the second position.

The first place and the title is awarded to the product of Eric Pautz, made in the form of a cube of Rubik. Clear lines of a square lamp softens the colored glass, making the light "alive", filling the space with colors.