Top 10 Most Famous Russians in 2014

Every year the Russian version of Forbes publishes a list of the 50 most popular stars of cinema, television, theater, variety and sports. The peculiarity of this year's rating is that there are more sportsmen, musicians and less humorists in it.

The main criterion for inclusion in the list is the frequency of references in the media and the number of requests in the search engine "Yandex".Today we offer Top-10 of the most famous Russians of 2014 , who took the top line of the Forbes rating.


10. Evgeni Malkin

  • 9. Ksenia Sobchak
  • 8. Alla Pugacheva
  • 7. Evgeni Plushenko
  • 6. Ilya Kovalchuk
  • 5. Philip Kirkorov
  • 4. Valery Gergiev
  • 3. Gregory Leps
  • 2. Alexander Ovechkin
  • 1Maria Sharapova
  • 10. Evgeni Malkin

    In the top ten most popular Russians are three hockey players. This success has contributed to both the Olympics and the 2014 World Cup. Malkin - two-time world champion, at the last championship it belongs to him two abandoned washers.

    9. Ksenia Sobchak

    New television projects, commercials, provocative blog entries - all this brought Xenia back to the peak of popularity. Sobchak is also the face of the development project American Dream and actively meets with potential buyers of cottages in the settlement being built as part of the project.

    8. Alla Pugacheva

    Last year, Pugacheva spurred the attention of the whole country, announcing the birth of a twins, borne by a surrogate mother. In 2014, Alla Borisovna for the contribution to the development of culture was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland.

    7. Evgeni Plushenko

    Plushenko's speech at the Olympics and his "descent from the distance" because of problems with the spine have made Eugene the most popular figure skater of the planet. According to the number of references in the media, the athlete took the third place.

    6. Ilya Kovalchuk

    The popularity of the hockey player was greatly contributed by the Winter Olympic Games. Ilya actively cooperates with famous brands, willingly demonstrating the virtuosic technique of playing in commercials.

    5. Philip Kirkorov

    According to VTsIOM, Kirkorov is the most popular domestic musician. Philip - a welcome guest at the celebrations of high-ranking people. So, in June last year, the singer performed at the birthday of the President of Turkmenistan in the company of Jennifer Lopez.

    4. Valery Gergiev

    For a year the famous conductor has given more than 270 concerts all over the world. The biggest projects of the year for Gergiev were the Stars of the White Nights festival, and the Moscow Easter Festival.

    3. Grigory Leps

    According to the number of requests in "Yandex" Leps was on the first place among all the participants dozens - he was looking for more than 5.5 million times. The popularity of the singer is promoted not only by music awards and grandiose concerts, but also by the fact that Leps is included by the US Treasury in the notorious sanction list.

    2. Alexander Ovechkin

    Last season, Ovechkin scored 51 goals, and at the World Cup became not only the captain of the team, but also a three-time champion. Alexander's face is "untwisted" not only on sports channels, but also in commercials by Nike, Procter &Gamble and Coca Cola.

    1. Maria Sharapova

    In 2014, Maria won the "Roland Garros" and won the second place in the WTA rankings in terms of prize revenues, earning $ 30.3 million for her entire career. Sharapova succeeds in business, actively withdraws in advertising, as well as engaged in charity.