Rating of the best sewing machines

A woman who can sew, will never be in a hopeless situation, when there is nothing to wear! Even in the most difficult times, she, after the example of the famous Scarlett O'Hara, sewn herself a luxurious outfit of old curtains, can look like a queen! Not to mention the good times, when it is possible to choose a sewing machine, fabrics and all the necessary accessories of the best quality!

However, the joy of sewing can be spoiled if the thread breaks all the time, and the machine behaves completely unpredictably, demanding increased attention. To avoid this, will help the rating of sewing machines , compiled taking into account the basic requirement for household appliances: the quality must match the price.


  • 5. Singer.
  • 4. AstraLux.
  • 3. Bernina.
  • 2. Brother.
  • 1. Janome.

5. Singer.

This popular sewing machine was known in Russia even before the Revolution, and in 2011 in Novosibirsk it was installed a monument. In addition to the excellent quality, which is guaranteed by the perfectly working old models of 1905, their modern technology is extremely easy to use. All German machines are quite expensive, because they are designed for embroidery and all types of fabrics. More affordable prices, making machines Zinger, the best technique for beginner craftsmen, usually Chinese or Vietnamese assembly. The simplest models that have a small functionality will suit those women who do not have to sew a lot, but want the sewing machine to be always at hand. Before buying it is important to make sure that the city has a service center for its repair.

4. AstraLux.

The motto of this company is "Sitting in joy!".Due to the fact that the machines of its production are rather unpretentious and inexpensive, and the functionality on simple models is often higher than that of Singer, the popularity of the company remains quite stable. Less than half a century of history of production of sewing equipment for AstraLux did not become a measure of poor quality, on the contrary, the company is constantly working on creating new models and improving service. All equipment works very quietly, has an attractive design and a lot of possibilities. Equally nicely sews jeans and jersey.

3. Bernina.

The sewing equipment of this Swiss company takes an honorable third place not in vain. It takes an intermediate link between the most affordable sewing machines and equipment of higher quality. The Bernina machines are very easy to use, they practically do not have to adapt. So ergonomic and functional design. Many modern models of sewing machines of this company have microprocessor control and can be connected to a personal computer. Thanks to this the seamstress can create unique seams and embroider everything that will please her.

2. Brother.

Many are perceived as the best sewing machine not only for home use, but also for professional needs. The huge advantage of this company is its reliability. Technique very rarely fails even with not very clever use of it. For beginners, it can be somewhat complicated, but it has great opportunities. All the insides are metal, so breakage before the end of the warranty period is almost impossible. The body of the machines is not only beautiful, but also durable: it does not fade and, moreover, does not become brittle. Professional models are equipped with electronic memory.

1. Janome.

Undoubtedly, is the best sewing machine in terms of price / quality ratio .Sewing literally everything: denim fabric, organza, chiffon. Virtually does not break and always in the presence of inexpensive replacement parts. Janome sewing machines confirm the quality of the Japanese character: if to create, then only the best! Both the professional and the beginner will feel confident using this technique. If you need a sewing machine that can replace the atelier of professional seamstresses, then Janome is exactly what you need.