Rating of washing machines 2016 price-quality, the best washing machines of the year

It's scary to imagine how much time would be wasted on washing, if not for the modern "wand-bum" - a washing machine. But which washing machine is better? This question will be answered by users of Yandex. Market, which regularly leave feedback on the merits and demerits of various models. Based on these reviews we have compiled the rating of washing machines for reliability, price and quality of .


  • 10. Siemens WM 16S742
  • 9. Siemens WM 16Y75 S
  • 8. Bosch WAY 28741
  • 7. Siemens WS 12T440
  • 6. Siemens WM 16Y891
  • 5. Siemens WM 14Y790
  • 4. Siemens WS 12K247
  • 3. BoschWLG 2416 M
  • 2. Siemens WD 14H442

10. Siemens WM 16S742

The average price is 62,900 rubles.

Model with front loading and capacity up to 8 kg. Provides protection against leaks. The advantage of the device is the most energy-efficient class - A ++.This means that you do not have to overpay for electricity. Buttons react even to the finger brought to them. The machine squeezes very well and is almost noiseless, which is good for families with sensitively sleeping babies.

9. Siemens WM 16Y75 S

The average price is 88 thousand rubles.

In the rating of washing machines 2016 got another product from Siemens. Capacity up to 9 kg, protection from leaks and blocking from playful knobs of children, touch control and high spin speed( 1600 revolutions).Removes 16 types of dirt.

8. Bosch WAY 28741

Average price - 73 155 rubles.

This machine with the energy consumption class: A ++ and a quiet motor can load up to 9 kg. Automatically removes 16 types of dirt. There is an opportunity to load the laundry and delay the start. Presses, according to reviews, very well, things after washing are almost dry. There is a quick wash in 15 minutes.

7. Siemens WS 12T440

The average price is 44,990 rubles.

Another representative of the energy-efficient class A ++ in this top-10.You can load up to 7 kg, there is protection from children and leaks, control of imbalance and foam. The temperature can be adjusted manually, and adjust any program in time. Lack one - there is no "easy ironing" function.

6. Siemens WM 16Y891

The average price is 78 495 rubles.

This washing machine with a load of up to 8 kg works quietly, and is very effective. Spinning at 1600 rpm, protection from leaks and from children, convenient option for automatic dosing of detergents, intelligent control and low energy consumption( 0.13 kWh per kg of laundry).What else do you need from good home appliances?

5. Siemens WM 14Y790

The average price is 59 400 rubles.

Representatives of Siemens are firmly established in the rating of washing machines 2016. The price-quality is optimal, which is confirmed by the users' estimates of Yandex. Market. What is attractive about this model: energy-efficient( A ++), holds up to 8 kg, is protected from leaks, there is protection from children, displays 16 types of stains, there are many washing regimes, including dark underwear and outerwear. Disadvantage: no locking of the power button.

4. Siemens WS 12K247

The average price is 37 990 rubles.

Not so strong pressing, as at more dear "colleagues" - 1200 turns and the device contains only 7 kg a maximum, but all other functions on a place. Protection from leaks is, protection against children is available, electronic control is available. This model has many programs, including water or electricity savings. Minus - the end of wash signal is not deactivated.

3. Bosch WLG 2416 M

Average price - 25 560 rub.

Finally, a new "face" among the best washing machines in 2016. Rating continues inexpensive and quiet model with a capacity of up to 5 kg, squeezing at 1200 rpm, protection against leaks, child lock and intelligent control. Energy efficiency class - A, in this parameter the machine is inferior to other representatives of the top-10.

2. Asko W8844 XL W

The average price is 110 thousand rubles.

Ideal model for a large family: capacity - 11 kg, leakage protection, intelligent control, energy efficiency class A ++, there is a delay timer and washing temperature selection. Asko W8844 XL W 12 wash programs and it works in any mode is very quiet.

1. Siemens WD 14H442

The average price is 92,220 thousand rubles.

The best washing machine in 2016 customer reviews. Wash up to 7 kg of laundry, and dry - up to 4 kg. Protection against leaks and children is provided. Presses at 1400 rpm, perfectly laundered even delicate fabrics and has a program for washing wool. You can manually set the washing temperature. Energy class - A.