Rating of electric cookers 2016

I do not want to mess around with cleaning the burners? Do you want to turn on the timer and go off on business when the dish is prepared? The best choice is electric hobs .The rating for the price / quality is made taking into account the popularity, reviews and ranking of models among buyers at Yandex. Market.

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  • 10. Zanussi ZEN 6641 XBA
  • 9. Siemens EH375ME11E
  • 8. Bosch PIN675N27E
  • 7. AEG HK 654070 XB
  • 6. Bosch PIB679F17E
  • 5. AEG HK 634200 XB
  • 4. Samsung CTR432NB02
  • 3. Bosch PIB673F17E
  • 2. Bosch PKC675N14D
  • 1. AEG HK 654070 FB

10. Zanussi ZEN 6641 XBA

Average price: 27 500 rubles.

The rating of the electric cooktops in 2016 is revealed by Zanussi ZEN 6641 XBA, made in a laconic black and white version. It is equipped with two electric and two induction burners of different diameters, suitable for utensils of any diameter. There is a timer, a heat-holding mode and a programmable automatic mode.

Less: Noisy fan. A tricky defense against children.

9. Siemens EH375ME11E

Average price: 32 500 rubles.

Induction hob of small dimensions - 30 cm wide and 52 in height. Two burners of different diameters range from large to small.

Less: small control icons are not very good for older people. A small distance between the burners requires dishes with straight walls.

8. Bosch PIN675N27E

Average price: 52 000 rubles.

One of the main features of this induction panel is the Flex zone, which can be configured to fit virtually any diameter. And there is Boost mode with accelerated heating, power adjustment scale, different modes for different products.

Less: the price.

7. AEG HK 654070 XB

Average price: 23 000 rubles.

Panels from the German manufacturer AEG enjoy a good reputation with the Russian user. The first of the best electric cookers in the rating of 2016 - AEG HK 654070 XB.It has a regime of continuous heating, and there is a discrete one - when heat is supplied "in batches".In addition to the two burners of the traditional round shape, there is one more oval and one three-contour. Convenient touch control for each burner separately.

Less: on the smooth black glass-ceramic surface, the smallest mote is visible.

6. Bosch PIB679F17E

Average price: 45 000 rubles.

The sixth place in the rating of electric hobs is the stylish silver panel from Bosch. It has four induction hobs of different diameters, one - oval and 17 heating levels.

Less: no edging around the edges, so that escaped milk will turn out both on the panel and on the table.

5. AEG HK 634200 XB

Average price: 27 000 rubles.

The induction panel with four burners of different diameters is surrounded by a metal frame. It quickly heats, it is easy to use, easy to clean, when the liquid is spilled it automatically turns off.

4. Samsung CTR432NB02

Average price: 12 000 rubles.

The Korean firm offers the cheapest option in the rating. A compact electric cooker made of glass ceramics with two burners of different diameters is convenient and easy to use. There is an automatic shutdown function.

Less: a small distance between the burners. For a thorough cleaning requires a special scraper.

3. Bosch PIB673F17E

Average price: 50 000 rubles.

Four burners( one oval), convenient temperature adjustment, there is a timer. Reliable in operation and durable model. After several years of intensive work, it looks literally like a new one.

Less: the price.

2. Bosch PKC675N14D

Average price: 28 000 rubles.

The second place in the top-10 electrical panels with the possibility of embedding takes Bosch PKC675N14D.What it is equipped with: four burners, 17 power adjustment stages, a timer individually for each burner, an alarm clock, a light indication of the heating stages, a touch control and a protective shutdown.

Less: it is necessary to handle glass very carefully - this is the most expensive part of the panel.

1. AEG HK 654070 FB

Average price: 23 000 rubles.

What is the best electric hob in the reviews? This is AEG HK 654070 FB, a convenient and easy-to-operate glass ceramic hob is equipped with four burners( two conventional, one oval and one three-stage).There is a separate slider for each burner, 14 degrees of heating, boost-mode and indicator of residual heat.