Rating of the most reliable phones

When choosing a mobile phone, many potential buyers often forget about such a parameter as reliability, taking a great interest in the technical characteristics and prestige of a particular model. Meanwhile, hundreds and thousands of mobile phones are in the warranty workshop during the first year of operation.

Today we present reliability rating of phones, compiled according to the results of tests of the laboratory "Technokrash".During the examination, mobile phones were drowned, dropped and subjected to other severe tests. The ten most persistent and hit our rating.

10. Opens the of the top most reliable Nokia C2-01 phones. Budget and unpretentious apparatus could not stand only one test - a fall on the tile from a two-meter height, and the phone did not stop working, just cracked the screen. Nokia C2-01 has a 3.2 megapixel camera, a memory card slot and a 3G module.

9. LG GX200 is a device that supports two SIM cards. The capacity of the battery lasts for two weeks with an average intensity of use. The most terrible test for the phone was the connection to a charger with an overestimated voltage. The remaining tests almost did not scare the LG GX200.

8. Samsung C3300K is a touch screen phone that is prone to scratches, but with careful handling of the sensor it can serve for years. The device is practically not afraid of dust, moisture and falls, shows a good reception level in conditions of a weak signal, which allows the company to produce the best phones of 2012 and lead the ratings.

7. Nokia 6303i is a candy bar in a stylish stainless steel case. The weakest point, according to experts, was the low tightness of the hull. But the device is not afraid of overheating and falls.

6. Alcatel OT-606 is a mid-range phone with a QWERTY keyboard. Like any slider, most of the device is afraid of dust and sand. Tests with water, overheating and hypothermia, he withstood quite well.

5. Samsung GT-B5722 - touch phone with two SIM-cards. A modern and reliable apparatus with dignity stood the test. The only drawback was a loosely mounted display, under which moisture and dust hit.

4. The Alcatel OT-708 is one of the most affordable sensor models on the market with a 1.3 Mpx camera. Appearance of the device in the process of testing was pretty "shabby," but the functionality was not affected at all.

3. Alcatel OT-808 can be attributed to the category of "female" models. Quite a reliable phone, reminiscent of the type of powder compact. However, the clamshell should be protected from dust and sand.

2. Nokia 1616 and Nokia 2330 Classic passed the test equally well, finishing second. There are no slots for memory cards, so in addition to the function of the actual telephone conversations, only listening to FM radio is attached. The 2330 has a 0.3 Mpx camera. Both phones are very budgetary, but from this no less reliable.

1. The most reliable phone , according to experts, is iPhone 4 .On the totality of all tests, Apple's device surpassed its competitors. The only weak side was a glossy coating, which could easily be scratched, but functionality in any situation was beyond praise.

It is noteworthy that, according to the company Square Trade, which specializes in warranty repair of equipment, the reliability rating of smartphones is headed by the BlackBerry, but the iPhone 4 was among the outsiders. Many experts say that when it comes to touch phones, the reliability of technology depends primarily on the accuracy of its owner.