Rating of gas hobs 2016

Gas hobs are the most common type of cooker in Russian cuisines. They usually consist of four gas burners of various sizes: one small, one large and two medium sizes - for different pots. If you are thinking about changing the old gas stove to a new one, our rating of the 2016 gas cooker will help you choose the right model. He takes into account the reviews, popularity and ranking of models among buyers at "I.Market ยป.

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  • 10. Gorenje G 6 SY2W
  • 9. Bosch PCP612M90E
  • 8. Hotpoint-Ariston TD 640 S( CH) IX
  • 7. Hotpoint-Ariston PC 640 T( OW) R
  • 6. Kuppersberg FQ4TGS
  • 5. HansaBHGW63111035
  • 4. Bosch PCP615M90E
  • 3. Bosch PCH615B90E
  • 2. Gorenje GW 65 CLI
  • 1. Bosch PPP614B91

10. Gorenje G 6 SY2W

The average price is 18? 390 rub.

Opens the top 10 easy-care enamel plate with 4 burners and automatic electric ignition. In the reviews, a large hotplate is praised, on which everything boils very quickly, as well as cast iron gratings. They are without stingrays and slopes and they can be washed in a dishwasher.

Disadvantages: the knobs rotate tightly, the electric ignition sometimes does not work the first time.

9. Bosch PCP612M90E

The average price is 17? 990 rubles.

Good manufacturing company, 4 burners, childproof, enameled surface, electric ignition, stylish cast-iron supports. What else is required from the gas panel?

Disadvantages: The gas adjustment knobs and the front panel are heated.

8. Hotpoint-Ariston TD 640 S( CH) IX

The average price is 16? 700 rubles.

Continues the rating of the gas hobs model with a hardened glass working surface. The burner is traditionally 4, there is an electric ignition and gas control, that is, if the flame goes out, the gas supply will stop automatically. And one more small "bonus", not related to reliability, but increasing the comfort of use: the handle of this plate is not heated.

Cons: aluminum parts are dirty all the time, the coating on the gas regulating handles is being erased.

7. Hotpoint-Ariston PC 640 T( OW) R

Average price - 13? 530 rubles.

Features are similar to the previous participant in the list of the best gas hobs. Only here the surface is not of tempered glass, but enameled.

Disadvantages: the grilles are covered with enamel, because of which the pots can slide slightly back and forth if they are moved over the stove. It takes a long time to burn for the biggest burner.

6. Kuppersberg FQ4TGS

Average price - 18? 590 rub.

Non-standard model with 3 gas burners and small dimensions( 45 x 50 cm).The ideal answer to the question "what cooking gas panel is best for a small kitchen."The panel is made of tempered glass, there is an electric ignition and gas control.

Cons: the cast-iron supports have sharp corners, the black surface is very marking.

5. Hansa BHGW63111035

The average price is 15? 900 rubles.

Easily washable working surface of tempered glass, automatic electric ignition, gas control and beautiful appearance - these are the advantages of this plate. Burners 4.

What the customers do not like: it is necessary to get used to automatic ignition, it does not work instantly.

4. Bosch PCP615M90E

Average price - 18? 390 rub.

This beautiful slab has a stainless steel surface, 4 burners, there is protection from children. There are already standard for modern gas stoves electric ignition and gas control.

Disadvantages: Stainless steel needs to be washed for a long time. On the handles you need to put pressure on to light a flame.

3. Bosch PCH615B90E

Average price - 18? 882 rub.

Another representative of the "stainless" family. There is everything, as in the previous model, except for protection from children.

Cons: plate marking.

2. Gorenje GW 65 CLI

Average price - 17? 989 rub.

Plate with 4 comfortably located burners( the smallest - near the wall) and practical beige "color".The working surface is divided into three parts by cast iron gratings. This is convenient if you want to remove dirt only in one part of the plate. There is an automatic electric ignition and gas control.

Disadvantages: the panel heats up during operation.

1. Bosch PPP614B91

Average price - 25? 990 rub

Which gas cooker is best to buy? Reviews on "Yandex. Market" incline the scales to Bosch PPP614B91.Its original brown color, tempered glass surface, gas control, individual cast iron grilles for each of the 4 burners and electric fires have subdued the hearts of users.

The minus of the model is only one - high cost.