Vacuum cleaners for home 2016: the best models

Buying a vacuum cleaner is not an easy task, too many models with a lot of features are present on the market. What kind of vacuum cleaner should I buy for a house? Determine the choice of the appropriate option will help our vacuum cleaner rating for the house in 2016 .It covers only vacuum cleaners that received the highest consumer appraisal and positive feedback on Yandex. Market.


  • 10. Thomas TWIN Panther
  • 9. LG VK69461N
  • 8. Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter
  • 7. Karcher DS 6.000
  • 6. Samsung SC4140
  • 5. Philips FC 8471
  • 4. Karcher WD 2
  • 3. Karcher WD 3Premium
  • 2. Samsung SC4520
  • 1. Samsung SC6573

10. Thomas TWIN Panther

  • The average price is 11,509 rubles.
  • Cleaning: dry and wet.

Good vacuum cleaner for home. Reviews of Thomas products are rarely negative, the brand has long been involved in the release of vacuum cleaners and knows how to please customers. This model has a dust bag and a few nozzles( for furniture, for cracks, for floor and carpet, etc.).An additional plus is the possibility of vertical parking. Power - 1600 watts.

Disadvantages - weight( 8.4 kg).

9. LG VK69461N

  • Average price - 5 105 rubles.
  • Cleaning: dry.

Light( 4.5 kg) and powerful( 1600 W) vacuum cleaner with cyclone filter. Excellent collect garbage, wool pet pets and while not much noise.

Cons: poor patency on carpets.

8. Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter

  • Average price - 15 801 rub.
  • Cleaning: dry and wet.

That's another model from the brand Thomas entered the rating of vacuum cleaners for quality and reliability in 2016.The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an aquafilter, and its power consumption is 1600 watts. There is a vertical parking and a dust bag full indicator.

Disadvantages: heavy( 8.4 kg), longer wash than vacuuming.

7. Karcher DS 6.000

  • The average price is 20 568 rubles.
  • Cleaning: dry.

Maneuverable, qualitatively made, the best vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter of 2016.Power - 900 Watts. There is a possibility of vertical parking.

Disadvantages: for this price the manufacturer could add power adjustment to his child. And consumables are not cheap.

6. Samsung SC4140

  • Average price - 4 470 rub.
  • Cleaning: dry.

If you consider the price, then this is the best vacuum cleaner for the house. Rating of 2016, he did not lead because of the small number of nozzles( for floor and cracks) and the inconvenience of shaking the fabric filter. But the merits of the model mass: light, reliable, powerful( 1600 W), well sucks the dust. And it's easy to collect and disassemble.

5. Philips FC 8471

  • The average price is 6,130 rubles.
  • Cleaning: dry.

Small, but powerful vacuum cleaner( 1700 W) with a cyclone filter. Convenient and understandable even for the elderly( with two buttons you will not miss).Absorbs everything, remove from the floor scattered things.

Disadvantages: not very comfortable handle, noisy.

4. Karcher WD 2

  • Average price - 4 990 rub.
  • Cleaning: dry.

This lightweight vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter / dust bag for 12 liters blows air to the floor. Consider this fact when cleaning a very dusty room. The power of 1200 watts is enough for cleaning a small apartment. As they write in one of the reviews, "Karcher does not know how to not suck."

Disadvantages: move carefully, easily tipped over.

3. Karcher WD 3 Premium

  • The average price is 7 000 rubles.
  • Cleaning: dry.

The inconspicuous "bucket on the legs" consumes 1400 watts and vacuums like an animal. In a huge 17-liter bag / cyclone filter will fit and garbage and wool of animals and even small pebbles left after repair. There are several baits in the kit.

Cons: short hose.

2. Samsung SC4520

  • Average price - 4 786 rubles.
  • Cleaning: dry.

The cyclone filter performs the role of the dust bag. The power of this vacuum cleaner is 1600 watts. It is easily disassembled and cleaned, light enough( 4.3 kg) and perfectly cleans carpets.

Disadvantages: you need to wash the cyclone filter for the cleaning of each room. Otherwise, the suction power will drop.

1. Samsung SC6573

  • The average price is 7 770 rubles.
  • Cleaning: dry.

Why is this model leading the best vacuum cleaners of 2016?It is very powerful( 1800 W), with a convenient cyclone filter, easy to clean, has a presentable appearance, is equipped with a convenient handle with a power regulator. And another plus: inexpensive consumables.

Cons: you need to wash the cyclone after cleaning.