Rating of the best vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter 2016

Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter appeared on the market of home appliances relatively recently. The main difference from the usual cyclone type vacuum cleaners is that the air with dust first gets into the aquafilter, where it is wetted by water, but exits to the outside already in a purified form. The rating of vacuum cleaners with aquafilter is made on the basis of comparison of popularity, rating and reviews models of vacuum cleaners on the site of "Yandex. Market".

We also prepared a rating of washing vacuum cleaners for the house, which included the best models of 2016.


  • 10. Thomas AQUA-BOX Compact
  • 9. VITEK VT-1833
  • 8. Samsung SD9421
  • 7. Zelmer ZVC752SP
  • 6. Karcher DS 5.800
  • 5. Thomas TWIN TT Aquafilter
  • 4. Thomas TWIN XT
  • 3.Zelmer ZVC752ST
  • 2. Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter
  • 1. Karcher DS 6.000

10. Thomas AQUA-BOX Compact

Average price: 16 150 rubles.

Opens the rating of the best vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter model of the German assembly. Aqua-Box Comact is a small and manoeuvrable vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 1700 W with an aquafilter and a HEPA13 filter designed for dry cleaning. Four modes will allow you to adjust the power during harvesting.

9. VITEK VT-1833

Average price: 8 800 rubles.

Powerful vacuum cleaner( 1800 W, suction power 400 W) for dry cleaning with volumetric aquafilter( 3.5 l).A nice feature is the rubber circuit on the body;now ankles and furniture in complete safety.

Less: not properly designed for dust;a retracting pipe lies next to it, and dirt can be trapped between the pipe and the partition. Noisy operation of the turbo brush.

8. Samsung SD9421

Average price: 12 000 rubles.

The first thing that attracts attention is design - stylish and technological. This is a small model for dry cleaning with a capacity of 1600 W with an aquafilter( 2 L) and a cord length( 7 m) sufficient to reach all corners in the room. Suction power of 200 watts is enough for ordinary cleaning.

Less: a complex dust collector design.

7. Zelmer ZVC752SP

Average price: 11 500 rubles.

The design of the vacuum cleaner is thought out to trifles - it is easy to assemble, it is easy to disassemble. Vacuum the floor and wash it, and a lot of baits in the kit( totaling eight) will pleasantly please any host or mistress.

Less: the problem with the telescopic pipe clamp - sometimes sticks.

6. Karcher DS 5.800

Average price: 19,300 rubles.

Will collect everything from dust to large debris( for which you can find scattered on the carpet socks).

Less: storage can not be placed vertically. Large, heavy, slightly manoeuvrable.

5. Thomas TWIN TT Aquafilter

Average price: 19 200 rubles.

Hardy vacuum cleaner, which will last a long time, pleasing the owners of high-quality cleaning with a dry and damp cleaning. Power 1600 W, suction power - 240 Watts. The set includes a lot of baits. Although heavy, but quite maneuverable, it easily overcomes its own wire, but through the rapids( like any other) it will have to be carried over.

4. Thomas TWIN XT

Average price: 20 300 rubles.

More powerful( 1700 W) and without bag for dust collection version of the vacuum cleaner that took the ranking of the best vacuum cleaners with aquafilter in 2016, the fifth place.

Disadvantages: the quality of the hose leaves much to be desired - it's hard plastic, which constantly twists when the vacuum cleaner's position changes.

3. Zelmer ZVC752ST

Average price: 12 000 rubles.

The production model of the Bosch subsidiary has a power regulator. In the kit there are several nozzles - from dry cleaning the floor to a large turbo-brush. An excellent purchase for allergy sufferers or having young children. It is easy and simple to clean the garbage container after dry cleaning( vacuum cleaner without bag for dust collection), but after washing it will have to tinker, although compared to other models, the internal device of the ZVC752ST is much simpler.

2. Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter

Average price: 15 200 rubles.

Powerful vacuum cleaner with a light brush that perfectly climbs even in hard-to-reach places. The floor after washing is clean and dries quickly.

Less: washing and drying after each cleaning is long and uncomfortable. And if you do not notice the dripping water somewhere, then it can become foul, and the vacuum cleaner can get stuck.

1. Karcher DS 6.000

Average price: 20 600 rubles.

And the rank of the best vacuum cleaner with aquafilter gets Karcher DS 6.000. It is intended for dry cleaning only. Unlike DS 5.800, this model can be stored vertically, and the nozzles will fit comfortably inside the case. Light and mobile, the length of the handle and cord will be enough for people of any height. A clever design makes it easier to clean the vacuum cleaner after cleaning. By the way in 2017, this vacuum cleaner with aquafilter gave way to the ranking, more popular models.

Less: the price of the vacuum cleaner itself and accessories.