Motorbike rating by reliability 2016

Motoblock - a thing irreplaceable for homestead farming. With the necessary additional equipment, a miniature tractor can perform almost all types of operations required - from plowing the land to transporting goods. To determine which is better, the rating will help, compiled taking into account feedback about reliability, popularity and rating of models on "Yandex. Markets."


  • 10. Patriot Boston 6D
  • 9. Neva MB-23S-9.0 PRO
  • 8. Neva MB-2S-6.5 PRO
  • 7. KaDvi Oka MB-1D1M10
  • 6. Neva MB-2S-7.5 PRO
  • 5.Patriot Ontario PRO
  • 4. Patriot Ural
  • 3. Neva MB-23B-10.0
  • 2. Agate HMD-6.5
  • 1. Neva MB-2B-6.5 PRO

10. Patriot Boston 6D

Average price: 51,000 rubles.

The rating of motor-blocks for reliability in 2016 is opened by the model manufactured in China on orders from Russia, however, it positions itself as a product manufactured in the USA.Patriot Boston 6D - a middle-class motoblock with a diesel engine capacity of 5.98 liters.with and eight milling cutters. Perfect for a dacha: the width of processing is 70 cm and the depth of plowing is 25 cm.

9. Neva MB-23S-9.0 PRO

Average price: 54 500 rubles.

Powerful motor in 9 hpproduction Subary gives a good torque and, as a consequence, a high draft effort. Endurance of the engine will make it possible to use the motor-block unhindered even in winter.

8. Neva MB-2S-6.5 PRO

Average price: 46 000 rubles.

In comparison with the MB-23C-9.0, this model has less engine power - 6.25 hp, but the number of mills has grown to eight. The large mass( 98 kg) of the motor block makes it easier to plow even dense clay soil and to harvest snow with the help of a rotary nozzle and special dumps.

Less: during the operation of the truck, the vibrator vibrates sufficiently.

7. КаДви Ока МБ-1Д1М10

Average price: 30 000 rubles.

Variance of the motor block "Oka" from the plant "Kaluga Engine", with a motor from the Chinese company Lifan. Therefore, the cost of it is advantageously different from the rest.

Less: the belt system is the traditional weakness of the Oka. The manufacturer supplies its products with spare belts in the kit, but this is unlikely to help if the motoblock gets stuck somewhere in the middle of the field.

6. Neva MB-2S-7.5 PRO

Average price: 49 000 rubles.

Motor power in 7.48 hp, 8 cutters. Perfectly suitable for home personal use. But with professional loads due to a strong vibration of the engine may require careful maintenance and repair until welding of the broken engine frame and wings.

5. Patriot Ontario PRO

Average price: 30 300 rubles.

The model has a belt clutch and chain reducer, so it is better suited for plots with an area of ​​up to 50 hectare. In the work of "Ontario" is convenient thanks to the user-adjustable handles.

4. Patriot Ural

Average price: 35 000 rubles.

One of the main differences between the "Ural" and the analogs is the additional frame from above, for which it is convenient to move a fairly heavy device. Plus frame provides additional protection in the collision of a motor block with an obstacle. The depth of tillage is 32 cm, the width of the strip is 90 cm.

3. Neva MB-23B-10.0

Average price: 53,700 rubles.

The third place in the rating of motor blocks for reliability is another product of Mototehnika NEVA.This model can handle even complex areas with dense clay soil. Powerful engine in 10 hpproduced by Briggs &Stratton has proven itself in the Russian conditions. Eight milling cutters, a wide range of gears and maneuverability significantly speed up and facilitate the work with the motoblock.

2. Agate HMD-6.5

Average price: 29 000 rubles.

This motoblock is designed for homestead size from 12 to 50 hectare: processing width - 90 cm, depth - 25 cm, engine power - 6.5 hp. The motor is Chinese, but the gear reducer is made in Russia. The budget price, endurance, a large number of additional hinged and trailed devices and their excellent compatibility are the reasons for the popularity of the motoblock in Russia.

1. Neva MB-2B-6.5 PRO

Average price: 41 000 rubles.

Best of the best motoblock in terms of price / quality ratio. The motor capacity is 6.5 Briggs &Stratton features endurance, reliability and low vibration. And the design features of the gearbox allow the motoblock to produce very good pulling power. A lot of additional devices will allow using the model for a wide variety of works - from crushing feed and tillage to cleaning up the territory in communal services.