The most reliable smartphones in 2016

What should be the smartphone that you come to buy? Some focus on performance, for others, just the whole appearance, thirdly they do not think of a device without a long-lived battery and a good camera. But for the experts of Blancco Technology Group( the world's leading provider of diagnostic tools for mobile devices and secure solutions for erasing data), reliability comes first. They revealed the most unreliable and most reliable smartphones , analyzing the performance of mobile devices running Android and iOS.

It turned out that 85% of messages about system failures in the last quarter of 2015 were sent to Android-devices. Under the definition of "failure in the system", there were also problems with the battery and errors that were not initiated by the OS, but by the user, and errors in loading applications.


  • Rating of the most reliable smartphone manufacturers in 2016
    • 5. Samsung
    • 4. Lenovo
    • 3. Motorola
    • 2. Xiaomi
    • 1. Asus
    • 1. Apple iPhone

Rating of the manufacturers of the most reliable smartphones of 2016

5. Samsung

Numbererror messages from the total - 27%.

South Korean manufacturer commented on the results of the study, saying that his gadgets ranked first in the ratings of reliability and quality in different countries around the world. For example, in 2015, Samsung overtook Apple in the American Consumer Satisfaction Index - an annual survey of the satisfaction of American consumers with the quality of smartphones.

However, given the recent "incendiary" problems for Galaxy Note 7, the satisfaction of users with the products of the company can significantly decrease.

4. Lenovo

The number of error messages from the total number is 21%.

The company, which produces reliable budget smartphones, is famous for its successful design solutions, ergonomic devices, high-quality materials used in the assembly. However, in many reviews about smartphones Lenovo, users negatively respond to the mass of unnecessary applications that "clutter up" memory.

3. Motorola

The number of error messages from the total number is 18%.

In the third place among the most reliable smartphones( the rating of 2016) Blancco Technology Group placed the devices of the brand, which is firmly associated with Russian consumers with phones. In 2016, the company returned to the Russian market "under the wing" of Lenovo, which is responsible for servicing Moto smartphones.

2. Xiaomi

The number of error messages from the total number is 11%.

Reliable Chinese smartphones are Xiaomi. The company's products are good all: battery capacity, cameras, resolution and screen brightness, performance and price. Smartphones of this brand, starting with Mi1 / Mi1S, operate under MIUI firmware, based on Android OS, but with closed source code. It combines the best solutions, taken with Android and iOS, but still does not do without errors.

1. Asus

The number of error messages from the total number is 8%.

Taiwanese brand, founded in 1989, is present on the market not only for smartphones, but also for laptops, coolers, motherboards and other computer components. His smartphones are rarely criticized, but often praised for value for money, long battery life, good sound, bright displays and build quality. Complaints cause flashing, in which there are many unnecessary programs that occupy memory, and frequent failures.

1. Apple iPhone

The number of error messages from the total number is 15%.

Another number is the first in our list of reliable smartphones. The rating of smartphones in 2016 could not do without an Apple representative, too much this brand is popular, elite and advertised.iPhone already from the first version has won the glory of an expensive, but very reliable gadget. In 2015, the OS created by Apple, had only 15% of the problems.

However, the leader of the top 5 was not without a sin. According to the latest report of State of Mobile Device Performance and Health report , published by Blancco Technology Group, Apple iPhone 7 has problems with connecting to Wi-Fi and the performance of the smartphone. The failure rate of iOS increased to 58% in the second quarter of 2016, compared to 25% in the previous quarter.

Of these 58%, the iPhone 6 had the highest percentage of failures( 29%), followed by the iPhone 6S( 23%) and the iPhone 6S Plus( 14%).At the same time, the total sales of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were 15.1% in the second quarter of 2016, according to statistics compiled by Kantar Worldpanel Comtech. These combined data suggest that software updates, hardware errors and an increase in the market share of a smartphone running an "apple" OS may have contributed to the high failure rate of iOS.

Richard Stiennon, Strategy Director, Blancco Technology Group, said that his company's data show that the performance battle between iOS and Android is constantly changing. So, perhaps, the day will come when Android will squeeze Jobs's offspring of reliability.