Top mistakes when promoting to Google

In the course of promotion in Google to perform all the actions should be extremely careful not only to raise their search parameters, but also not to harm them. After all, the naturalness of progress is the only and most reliable guarantee of success. So let's analyze some errors when promoting to Google , which may prevent you.

  1. From the very beginning of , try to avoid the mirror of the site and duplicate pages of , to lead the search system to unpleasant thoughts. In addition, pay attention to the technical equipment of your project, if it is often not available, then Google will develop about it is not the most positive opinion. After all, if the resource is not available to the robot, what can we say about its accessibility for people? !
  2. Do not use any black methods such as hidden text, one-pixel references, and doorways. Such errors in the promotion of Google are still very common, although the algorithms of the system have long recognized such "clandestine" measures in two clicks. And in general, be cautious and keep within the censorship, do not use mate and erotic words in the content, otherwise your site can be assigned the status of adult, and this will seriously damage its rating in the eyes of Google.
  3. Try not to make changes to your optimization: you do not need to re-create pages for new queries, you do not need to permanently edit anchors of internal links, you do not need to insert new text into the page instead of the old text. And from the dynamic address of the pages you should refuse without tears and regrets.
  4. Errors in the promotion of Google can be expressed by the addition of various scripts. Google is not very good at Java-Script, especially when its volumes on the pages are quite large. Similarly, should abandon the idea with Flash , because not always the search engines interpret it as you would like it to.
  5. Keywords should not be used too often inside the text of , and a special error in the promotion of Google is the addition of keywords that are in fact not relevant to the published content. It is not necessary to think that the robot - the guy is unintelligent and does not understand anything, he will immediately understand that the key is non-thematic. Therefore, try to provide all the main tags and text content with the most relevant keyword. And do not exchange links, mutual links do not carry in themselves anything good, except for superfluous suspicions!