Rating of electric kettles, the best by reviews of 2016

An electric kettle is an excellent choice for people who hate the alarming sound of whistling teapots and want to quickly get their morning portion of caffeine.

We present the best electric kettles. Rating on user reviews of "Yandex. Market" includes both cheap models( with an average price of 950 rubles), and quite expensive( up to 8 thousand rubles).

Table of Contents:

  • 10. Kenwood SJM-114
  • 9. VITEK VT-7018
  • 8. Kenwood SJM-023
  • 7. SUPRA KES-1723( 2015)
  • 6. GoldStar GK-1755
  • 5. Philips HD9304
  • 4. VITEKVT-7004
  • 3. Moulinex BY 2821 Noveo 2
  • 2. Tefal KI 150D
  • 1. Rohaus RK810S

10. Kenwood SJM-114

The average price is 7,990 rubles.

In this metal kettle with a plastic cover you can boil 1.6 liters of water. Without water, Kenwood SJM-114 does not turn on. There is a water level indicator and a measuring cup to heat exactly one cup. A small but pleasant "bonus": the body does not show fingerprints. Power model - 2200 watts.

9. VITEK VT-7018

The average price is 1 494 rubles.

Plastic 1.7-liter teapot with a pleasant backlight of water and the absence of a characteristic odor of plastic fragrances after the preparation of coffee or tea. There is lock of the cover and the switch-on without water, the water level indicator is also present. Power - 2200 Watts. The disadvantage is that the lid does not hold itself in the open position.

8. Kenwood SJM-023

The average price is 6 117 rubles.

Small, stylish type of electric kettle with a capacity of 1 liter, with a steel casing and a capacity of 2200 watts. It quickly boils, has protection from the inclusion without water and indicators of inclusion and water level, equipped with a filter. Minus: the window in which the water level is visible is located under the handle.

7. SUPRA KES-1723( 2015)

The average price is 950 rubles.

The most inexpensive model in the rating of electric kettles for reliability. It is possible to heat up to 1.7 liters of water, there is an indication of the inclusion and illumination of the case. Power - 2400 Watts. The minus one model, but significant - the smell of plastic in the first weeks of use.

6. GoldStar GK-1755

The average price is 2 790 rubles.

A beautiful plastic kettle( 1.7 liters) with a capacity of 2400 W and a choice of the temperature of the liquid heating. The color of the backlight varies depending on the heating. There is an "alarm" about boiling water, an indication of the activation and the function of maintaining the desired temperature. Shortcomings include a short wire.

5. Philips HD9304

The average price is 1 957 rubles.

The rating of the best electric kettles 2016 continues 1.5-liter model with a nice plastic case( odorless) and a power of 2400 W.Due to the wide opening lid, it is very convenient to pour water. There is an indicator of the presence of water. But the indicator of switching on the kettle is missing.

4. VITEK VT-7004

The average price is 3 450 rubles.

Steel kettle with double walls, volume of 1.7 liters and capacity of 2200 Watts. Advantages: a non-heated body, a beautiful appearance, a metal dispenser that will last longer than a plastic mesh, the kettle holds heat for a long time. Disadvantage - there is no external liquid level indicator.

3. Moulinex BY 2821 Noveo 2

Average price - 3 160 rubles.

Perhaps someone will not like the plastic case of a 1.7-liter kettle, but judging by the feedback of users, the plastic in this model does not smell. The device is equipped with a filter and indicators for switching on and water level. Blocking of the inclusion without water is provided. Power - 2200 Watts.

2. Tefal KI 150D

The average price is 2 999 rubles.

This 1.7-liter stainless steel kettle quickly heats the water to the temperatures required for the optimum flavor from tea and coffee. There is an on indicator, but there is no indicator of the water residue. Power - 2200 Watts.

1. Rohaus RK810S

The average price is 6 990 rubles.

The best electric kettle on reviews, which is ideal for brewing tea, coffee or just boiling water for instant oatmeal. It has a winning combination of heating speed and ease of use. Holds up to 1.7 liters, is equipped with a filter, an indicator of the inclusion and water level. Power - 2400 Watts.