Rating 10 best robots vacuum cleaners for home 2017

Inventing the robot vacuum cleaner, humanity has taken one more step towards the age-old dream - "robots are working, a person is happy".And while only a small part of the household is given over to artificial intelligence, there is a hope that a bright future is just around the corner. To pass the time in anticipation of the golden age, your attention is invited to the rating of the best robotic vacuum cleaners 2017, based on the popularity of models and user reviews in RuNet.

Table of contents:

  • 10. iClebo Arte
  • 9. GUTREND JOY 90 Pet
  • 8. The Philips FC 8802
  • 6. The XBot Helper
  • 5. iBoto Aqua X310
  • 4. Polaris PVCR 0826
  • 3. Panda X950
  • 2. iRobot Roomba 631
  • 1. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 260

10. iClebo Arte

Average price: 30 000 rubles.

South Korean alternative to American and Chinese manufacturers. IClebo robots are reliable, high-quality and multifunctional. Specifically, iClebo Arte is designed for dry cleaning, but comes with a microfibre cloth, with which the robot can wipe the floor of the .

Base finds unmistakably, does not commit stupid movements back and forth, than are known for less advanced analogs. Preliminary it is necessary to "train" it - to show an apartment.


Average price: 13 000 rubles.

The small size of the robot - only 30 cm in diameter - allows it to easily pass between the legs of the chairs and tables( although it is better to prepare the floor for cleaning in advance, removing items such as lying garments, garments, etc.). Well removes animal hair and small debris , and the battery capacity is just enough for an apartment.

Sometimes it may miss corners, look for a base for a long time and does not always find it, and it is difficult to determine the degree of filling of the garbage container by eye - the device does not have a display.

8. Genio Profi 260

Average price: 16 000 rubles.

The first in the ranking of 2017 among robotic vacuum cleaners, who can do also wet cleaning .In total, the device has 4 modes, there is a decontaminating ultraviolet lamp. You can communicate with a smart machine both through the touch panel and voice commands. Pleasant bonus - notifications in Russian. Excellent cleans the corners, collects wool and trash, quiet enough.

True, even with a clogged filter, the robot still heroically continues to fight with entropy, which is not always convenient( although the alert on the case burns with might and main).

7. Philips FC 8802

Average price: 10 500 rubles.

One of the main advantages of this small and inexpensive model is the height of just 5 cm .Thanks to this Philips FC 8802 easily climbs to the places that usually represent the greatest difficulty for robotic vacuum cleaners - spaces under sofas, cabinets, armchairs, coffee tables. Despite the size, this kid is able to completely clean himself up qualitatively in a dry way( however, in the presence of carpets, difficulties may arise).And if you attach a napkin to the filter, it will be much easier to clean the dust bag.

The only negative - the warranty on the battery for only six months.

6. Xrobot Helper

Average price: 12 500 rubles.

Chinese brand of robotic vacuum cleaners, pleasantly pleasing low for such a functional price. It has a mode of two-level collection of large debris and dust( along with an ultraviolet lamp, a backlit display and nozzles for wet cleaning).Some inconvenience can be provided by a small container capacity, but with regular cleaning it is not so important. Thus the robot is very passable - carpets for it not an obstacle, will clean also them too.

Cons: after about a year the battery will start to accumulate and, perhaps, it will be necessary to think about buying a new domestic worker.

5. iBoto Aqua X310

Average price: 13 500 rubles.

Robot vacuum cleaner for full-fledged wet cleaning. Despite some drawbacks inherent in almost all robots for wet cleaning - some indistinctness of the work of droppers, which are leaking, then emptied not completely - it completely cleans the floor of the .

Of the cons - cleaning cloth is erased quite quickly, it's worth watching.

4. Polaris PVCR 0826

Average price: 20 000 rubles.
Overview of the model on Basetop.ru

This robot is characterized by the extended cleaning time of the - it has more than three hours of battery life. Excellent cope with both the cleaning of parquet and laminate, and with carpets with short nap( on long-haired can get stuck).A pleasant plus - high-quality design and nice appearance of the model, especially the style adds a glass top. It is advisable to empty the container with water after wet cleaning, as it can leak.

3. Panda X950

Average price: 18 700 rubles.

Another Chinese product that marketers are trying to ennoble, hinting at its Japanese origin. But the seasoned Russian buyer can not be fooled - first of all he looks at the functional. And the functionality of the Panda X950 is good - six modes, the possibility of wet rubbing the floors with a rag, works without recharging for two hours, and is also able to return to the work that has not been done after recharging and successfully complete it.

Of the cons: a little noisy, and the charger can be buzzing.

2. iRobot Roomba 631

Average price: 24,100 rubles.

The second place in the ranking of robotic vacuum cleaners for 2017 is one of the models of the American company, with which, in fact, everything started - iRobot. The firm of brooms does not knit, and robots-vacuum cleaners from iRobot are quite qualitative, functional, reliable and, of course, popular. The powerful battery iRobot Roomba 631 will allow it to dry out without stopping for three hours, the cyclone filter will get rid of the fuss with bags, and the robot's intelligence is enough to stop cleaning the already clean room on its own. A pleasant addition, which is often forgotten by manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners - a convenient brush for cleaning the turbo brush.

1. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 260

Average price: 20 000 rubles.

The best robotic vacuum cleaner for home in the rating of 2017 is a worthy Chinese alternative iRobot - a product from Xiaomi, a favorite Russian smartphone buyers. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has several interesting technical innovations;one of them is the advanced navigation system and laser distance sensor .Due to this the robot does not "tupit", what some other models are famous for, it does not disappear in dark places, does not wander under sofas and armchairs and perfectly orientates in the apartment. You can manage it with a smartphone, there is a function of cleaning on a schedule.

The only drawback of is the Chinese language of robot alerts. Fortunately, he is not inclined to conduct intellectual conversations, and his vocabulary is severely limited. And because of the Chinese, it may be difficult to update the software.