Lawn mowers gasoline self-propelled: rating 2016 year

What can better cope with thick grass on an uneven large area where it is impossible to reach the outlet? Lawn mowers gasoline self-propelled .The rating of lawn mowers is made on the basis of the opinions of users of the site "Yandex. Market": the pros and cons of each model are taken into account, special attention is paid to the correlation of price, quality( reliability) of models.

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  • 10. Makita PLM5113
  • 9. Viking MB 6 RH
  • 8. Honda HRG 415C3 SDE
  • 7. Makita PLM4621
  • 6. AL-KO 119179 Silver 460BR Bio
  • 5. MKita PLM4618
  • 4. Champion LM5345BS
  • 3. Al-KO 119011 Silver 470 BR Premium
  • 2. Al-KO 119468 Highline 523 VS
  • 1. The price is 41 300rubles.

    Makita PLM5113 is a device that not only looks beautiful, but also works great. The four-stroke gasoline engine allows to work efficiently and with high speed in all three modes.

    Cons: engine protection is missing in principle, so mowing should be very, very carefully, otherwise the repair will fly into a pretty penny. Unfold the mower only with the drive turned off, otherwise the belt stretches and can even tear. Whether the speed of such precautions should be decided by the buyer.

    9. Viking MB 6 RH

    Average price: 104 000 rubles.

    This lawn mower is more like a mini-tractor: it can easily cope with high grass, small stumps and without loss will survive even a run on the armature hiding in dense greenery.

    Cons: small grass mows mediocre, and speed leaves much to be desired.

    8. Honda HRG 415C3 SDE

    Average price: 34 900 rubles.

    One of the main advantages of this model is quiet work. The lawnmower is hardy enough and can survive a meeting with a piece of wood( but a piece of wood will have to be worse).Works well on rough terrain.

    Less: a bit heavy, although it's easy to turn it.

    7. Makita PLM4621

    Average price: 34 500 rubles.

    Ease and ease of use are the hallmarks of Makita PLM4621.Mowing quickly and mowing well, both with mulching, and in a sack, there is a height adjustment of mowing.

    Less: with the replacement of oil will have to tinker. To unscrew the cork you need a special key, which you can not find so easily in the shops, and even unsuccessful draining.

    6. AL-KO 119179 Silver 460 BR Bio

    Average price: 19 000 rubles.

    A small and light lawnmower can perfectly cope with high grass on uneven areas, and the price makes a pleasant impression. However, cheap equipment should be approached with caution: if you carry the device on its side while carrying it, it will smoke at the factory.

    5. Makita PLM4618

    Average price: 27 700 rubles.

    The Makita PLM4618 engine starts easily, with a half-turn, works with great performance and quietly. The lawn mower easily mows high and small grass and even small pieces of wood.

    Less: no motor protection, so mowing is very, very careful.

    4. Champion LM5345BS

    Average price: 32 000 rubles.

    Rating of self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers continues Champion LM5345BS.It is equipped with a motor manufactured by Briggs and Stratton, which on the Russian expanses has acquired a reputation for being undetectable. The lawnmower is powerful, quiet, mowing even complex areas with thick grass, waist-high, on uneven areas. Due to its dimensions it is more suitable for spacious areas.

    3. Al-KO 119011 Silver 470 BR Premium

    Average price: 28 000 rubles.

    Beautifully mows everything, including tall grass, mugs, roots and mole withers. Especially convenient for the elderly - thanks to the rear drive and large wheels, the weight of the device, even with a full travopriemnikom practically not felt.

    2. Al-KO 119468 Highline 523 VS

    Average price: 43 000 rubles.

    Easy to start, economical, ergonomic, works quickly and quietly. Even in this model there is a lateral and rear ejection of grass, height adjustment of mowing( 7 levels) and a plastic pick-up. For the winter it can be folded and stored in a vertical state.

    1. SunGarden RDS 536

    Average price: 30 000 rubles.

    And the first place in the rating of the best self-propelled lawnmowers gets the next owner of the motor from Briggs and Stratton - powerful, hardy, starting from half a turn and practically maintenance-free. The device itself is simple, reliable and convenient, mowing easily and quickly, there is lateral ejection, height adjustment( 5 levels) and the possibility of installing a nozzle for mulching. For areas of 30-50 hectare just an ideal price-quality ratio.