Top 5 reasons for the rapid discharge of the iPad, options for solving the problem

Thanks to the large capacity of the batteries, the "apple" tablet is able to work off-line for up to 10 hours. If the iPad works less than 8 hours - this is cause for concern: it's time to take action and go to the service center, look for causes and troubleshoot.

If you need a repair iPad - the service center Apple - the only sure way to restore the functionality of the "apple" gadget and in an hour and a half to get a fully working tablet.

iPad quickly discharges - what to do

There are many reasons for battery malfunction and insufficient charging. Some of them can be fixed on their own, with some you will be able to handle only the repair of the iPad in the service center. On the Internet, there are many recommendations for changing tablet settings that allow you to increase battery life, and applications that reduce power consumption or charge time. But only a part of them really helps, so you need to be careful with such programs, and it's better to trust the specialists to configure the software.

Based on practical experience, there are 5 reasons for the rapid discharge of the iPad battery. This is:

  • The battery life of the is exhausted. If problems appear immediately after the expiration of the warranty period, then you've got a defective battery. Exit - replacement, but only the original battery.
  • A new version of is installed. If the battery becomes discharged faster after the system is upgraded, then the cause is in the OS. Exit - you should wait for the next update and install it as soon as possible.
  • Active use 3 G or 4 G .Using wireless networks reduces the battery life of the tablet by about 30%. Exit - if possible go to Wi-Fi.
  • Use of geolocation .The operation of many applications for which a periodic location is required reduces the battery life by 25%. Exit - disable unnecessary services.
  • Poorly optimized OS .If the tablet is not properly configured, its battery will be discharged much faster. Exit - to pass the iPad to configure the system.

How long will it take to repair

If the iPad is quickly discharged for one of the above reasons, its diagnosis and repair will take no more than two hours, if the cause is mechanical damage, iPad repair will take from 2 to 5 hours. If the repair will be performed by the master from the service center, you will receive a fully serviceable gadget and a guarantee of its full working capacity.