The most popular brands of mobile phones among Belarusian youth

Today, the choice of brand phones in any cell phone is truly huge. Along with the generally recognized sales leaders, like Nokia or Samsung, many models from second-tier manufacturers can be found on the market. These include Alcatel, LG, Huawei and many others.

Nevertheless, Belarusian buyers, and especially young people, in their mass, prefer to acquire the devices of the most famous and eminent manufacturers. The same phones Huawei, despite its democratic value and very diverse functionality, so far not sold very well. But to buy a mobile phone Nokia in Minsk, on the contrary, 7 of 10 visitors of the average digital salon wish. Although, if you compare mobile to a Finnish company with the same models of Huawei, then the principal differences can not be found. Not to mention the fact that the quality of assembling devices of both brands is quite worthy. So why do Belarusians ultimately purchase phones of well-promoted brands?

The question itself already contains part of the answer. The main achievement of the same Nokia is that this company has managed to convince hundreds of millions of consumers around the world in the perfection of its products. Its logo on the hull of the cellular allegedly a priori indicates a high quality and reliability of the device, so you need to buy it without hesitation. However, every person who understands mobile devices will be told by at least 5-6 other manufacturers who produce no less than high-quality and durable products. Just in the promotion and promotion of their brands, they invest much less money.

The second most important factor in the success of models of the world's leading manufacturers is the constant renewal of the range. The development of new devices at them is put on a wide scale, therefore there is nothing surprising that Nokia, Samsung and Sony please buyers with the next releases literally every 3 weeks. By the way, the last manufacturer is also noteworthy in that it focuses not only on youth, but also on people of the older generation. So, in its assortment there is a whole series of devices for pensioners, with large buttons and a wide clear display. And this series is regularly replenished with new models. For their promotion, large-scale advertising campaigns and various marketing events are held. That's why buying a Sony mobile phone for the elderly now is not a big problem.

Well, manufacturers of lower rank, unfortunately, do not have the ability to update their product range so often. As a consequence, on the shelves of the salons for months the same devices are dusting, which have become quite familiar. So one release in 3-4 months is the absolute maximum for the already mentioned Chinese company Huawei, as well as for many others. And while this situation does not change, it is clearly not worthwhile to expect a sharp increase in sales.