Rating of built-in electric ovens 2016

Would you like to bake a chicken or meat "under a fur coat", to please your relatives with delicious crispy biscuits? For all this and much more there is an electric oven .Which oven is best? Reviews of users of "Yandex. Market"( at least 10 reviews) and rating of models of 2016 will help to answer this question.


  • 10. Gorenje BO 75 SY2W
  • 9. Samsung BTS16D4G
  • 8. Electrolux EOC 5651 BOX
  • 7. Bosch HBA63B251
  • 6. Smeg SC750AO-8
  • 5. Siemens HB23AB620R
  • 4. Bosch HBB23C360
  • 3. Bosch HBG6769W1F
  • 2. Bosch HBG633TW1
  • 1. Bosch HBG636BB1
    • How to choose the best built-in oven electric

10. Gorenje BO 75 SY2W

Average price - 39 368 rub.

The rating of ovens electric built in 2016 opens the model with protection from young "cooks".The energy consumption class is A. There is a defrost function. It heats very quickly, the food is baked evenly. Major programs: fish, pastries, chicken, pizza.

Disadvantages: noisy fan.

9. Samsung BTS16D4G

Average price - 31,499 rubles.

Beautiful oven with telescopic guides, touch screen, child protection. There are functions of "delayed start" and "steam cleaning".Included is a CD with recipes.

Disadvantages: the documentation is very scant, the user will have to guess the meaning of the icons on the display himself.

8. Electrolux EOC 5651 BOX

The average price is 45 900 rubles.

Here is another representative of the A-class energy consumption in the rating of built-in electric ovens in 2016.The oven has telescopic guides, pyrolytic cleaning, which burns out dirt and many different programs.

Disadvantages: you can burn your face if you open the door while the oven is running.

7. Bosch HBA63B251

The average price is 44,890 rubles.

A-class energy consumption, child lock, pyrolytic cleaning, grill, four-layered glazing of the door. This model has everything you need from quality built-in electric ovens. She did not lead the rating because there are minuses: the set heating temperature is not visible on the display.

6. Smeg SC750AO-8

The average price is 72,890 rubles.

Italian oven with a very beautiful design. It has 11 heating modes, is equipped with a grill, three telescopic guides, a timer and a defrost function. The energy consumption class is A. There is a steam cleaning system.

Disadvantages: the price.

5. Siemens HB23AB620R

The average price is 29 878 rubles.

Inexperienced curious children will not open this oven( the cheapest of all the top 10).And do not burn yourself with glass with triple glazing. There is a grill, 2 enameled baking trays are included. A-class power consumption, which for such a price is very pleasant.

Cons: no telescopic guides and self-cleaning.

4. Bosch HBB23C360

The average price is 44,990 rubles.

Standard set of good oven: grill, child lock, class A energy consumption, defrost. Comfortable with a large volume( 67 liters) and hydrolytic cleaning, the grease is washed off with hot steam.

Cons: not enough baking.

3. Bosch HBG6769W1F

Average price - 111 989 rub.

If the previous oven was roomy, then this even more - 71 liters. An excellent option for a large family. A convenient menu, displaying information on cooking will be appreciated by experienced and novice landladies. There is a thermal probe, defrosting and heating utensils, pyrolytic cleaning.

Less: for such a price in the kit could be spit.

2. Bosch HBG633TW1

Average price - 58 990 rubles.

A beautiful, child safe oven with grill and convection( fan).Saves electricity, has 10 modes of heating, a large volume( 71 liters) allows you to cook several dishes at once.

Disadvantages: no baking tray.

1. Bosch HBG636BB1

Average price - 64 490 rub.

Here it is, the best electric oven built in 2016.Easy to care due to self-cleaning, has A-class energy consumption, quickly warms up. There is a grill, 13 heating modes, convenient touch screen and protective shutdown. And do not worry that your favorite child will open the door while the oven is working. Separately it is worth noting the menu, which allows you to automatically select the optimal settings for different dishes.

How to choose the best built-in oven electric

Built-in electric ovens have two advantages: convenience and great functionality. Therefore, if you decide to replace an old gas oven with a new one, you will not be disappointed. She will become a reliable assistant for many years.