Rating of built in dishwashers 60 cm in 2016

If you need volume for washing large quantities of dishes, the optimum choice is a full-size dishwasher built in 60 cm. The rating of models is based on feedback and popularity on the site of "Yandex. Market".

In addition, we published a rating of built-in dishwashers 45 cm, it included the best models of 2016.


  • 10. Bosch SMV 53N20
  • 9. Bosch SMV 59T10
  • 8. BEKO DIN 1531
  • 7. Bosch SMV 40D10
  • 6. Bosch SGV 43E43
  • 5. Siemens SN 66T055
  • 4. Siemens SN 56T590
  • 3. Siemens SN64L075
  • 2. Flavia BI 60 KAMAYA
  • 1. Siemens SC 76M522

10. Bosch SMV 53N20

Average price: 57 500 rubles.

Opens the rating of dishwashers 2016 for the price / quality of Bosch SMV 53N20.This is a roomy and relatively noiseless dishwasher, which washes almost flawlessly. It has an indication on the floor, a half load mode, self-cleaning filters and a holder for glasses.

Less: unreliable - one year after the start of operation, you can expect the first breakdown.

9. Bosch SMV 59T10

Average price: 90 000 rubles.

Water consumption is economical - only 9 liters( compared to the usual 12-13).The presence of a variety of modes allows you to clean the dishes clean;In addition, you can wash both very dirty dishes and tea cups at the same time. There is a special zone for "complex" dishes, where high temperature water comes under pressure.

Less: The machine door does not stay open.

8. BEKO DIN 1531

Average price: 30 000 rubles.

Reliable, durable, with all necessary modes( including high temperature mode and turbo drying).

Less: the noise of the work depends on the load - the more, the quieter.

7. Bosch SMV 40D10

Average price: 30 000 rubles.

This model besides auto and eco has intensive and fast operation modes, as well as half load. Adjustable basket allows you to place dishes in the best way.

Less: no display, no beam on the floor. The machine is very sensitive to voltage drops. And damage from overvoltage is not a warranty case.

6. Bosch SGV 43E43

Average price: 30 000 rubles.

Excellent combination of price and quality, although the water consumption is large - 14 liters. There is a shelf for knives and a container for cutlery, adjustable baskets and a half load mode.

Less: the door does not stay in the open position. The basket for dishes is difficult to adjust to non-standard dishes.

5. Siemens SN 66T055

Average price: 93 000 rubles.

The fifth place in the rating of dishwashers 60 cm wide is occupied by Siemens SN 66T055 - a roomy, economical( 10 l), quiet and reliable dishwasher with an abundance of modes, there is a delay timer, a backlight and a beam on the floor.

Less: price.

4. Siemens SN 56T590

Average price: 62 000 rubles.

Convenient upper tray, many shelves and pockets for small items. The kit includes a strip for measuring water hardness. There are several modes, including a delayed start. Residual time indicator and self-cleaning filter.

Less: condensation drying, no internal lighting in the model produced for the Russian market.

3. Siemens SN 64L075

Average price: 40 000 rubles.

This roomy car has all the necessary modes, half load, a program end sound signal and a beam on the floor. Baskets are regulated, there is an upper basket for cutlery. The height of the rear legs can be adjusted from the front.

Less: no preliminary rinsing of the dishes.

2. Flavia BI 60 KAMAYA

Average price: 38 500 rubles.

The second place in the top 10 dishwashers of 2016 is occupied by the Flavia model, which positions itself as an Italian brand, but is manufactured in China according to Russian drawings. This is an economical( 10 liters) and roomy( 14 sets) dishwasher. There are preliminary soaking, auto modes, eco, express and intense, as well as a beam on the floor and a delay in starting.

Less: quite noisy. After washing, the machine itself does not dry completely, so that things prone to rusting must be removed immediately.

1. Siemens SC 76M522

Average price: 55 000 rubles.

AND the best dishwasher of 2016 is Siemens SC 76M522 .This machine will be convenient for those who can afford to install a full-size car, but the depth is not enough. Its relatively small volume( 8 sets) is more than compensated by stylish design, economy( 9 l) and quiet operation even at high speed. Two baskets, 6 programs, a digital display and 100% protection from leaks.