Rating of manufacturers of air conditioners and split-systems

A hot summer is just around the corner. So, it's time to think about buying an air conditioner that will help you survive even the most scorching heat in comfortable conditions. Moreover, in the spring many sellers offer various discounts and bonuses, such as a free installation. But at the height of the season, the queue for installing a split can stretch for weeks.

Therefore, our today rating of manufacturers of air conditioners and split-systems is as timely as possible.

It is made according to the results of expert assessments, as well as user feedback on the Internet.


  • 10. Hyundai
  • 9. Gree
  • 8. Hitachi
  • 7. Haier
  • 6. Panasonic
  • 5. Toshiba
  • 4. Mitsubishi Electric
  • 3. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • 2. General Fujitsu
  • 1. Daikin


Quality of South Korean brand Hyundai is not inferior to Japanese counterparts. The percentage of factory rejection is less than 0.1%, i.ะต.less than 1 air conditioner per 1000 household split-systems. Split from Hyundai features low noise and a wide range of functions( cooling, heating, air purification).

9. Gree

The company GREE Electric Appliances owns not only the production of air conditioners, but also a research center in the field of technologies for creating an artificial climate. The Gree brand is not very popular in Russia, but in Europe every third household split-system of this brand.

8. Hitachi

The Japanese brand offers air conditioners and split-systems of the highest quality. Production facilities of Hitachi Ltd.are located in Japan and a number of European countries. The priority direction of this manufacturer's work is the use of the newest environmentally friendly refrigerants.

7. Haier

In addition to air conditioning, the company produces dozens of names of large household appliances: refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, and even wine cabinets. The product line of the brand includes more than 30 different models of domestic air conditioners.

6. Panasonic

Panasonic air conditioners are very popular with Russian consumers, because they are quite affordable at high quality equipment. The latest models of the brand are equipped with an ECONAVI sensor, which allows saving energy, as well as a nanoe-G system for air purification.

5. Toshiba

The air-conditioning systems from Toshiba are installed in the complex of the Capitoline Museums of Rome, as well as in the Ostankino television center in Moscow. The company has 1200 patents in Japan, as well as its own research and development center.

4. Mitsubishi Electric

On the territory of Russia Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners have been presented for 15 years already. All brand products undergo strict quality control - each air conditioner after the descent from the conveyor passes a 20-minute test of functionality.

3. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

The Japanese company has been engaged in electronics since 1884.Modules under the MHI brand are even available on the International Space Station. MHI air conditioners are characterized by low power consumption, minimal noise level and almost zero percent rejection.

2. General Fujitsu

General Fujitsu air conditioners are installed in the building of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and at the Berlin airport Tegel. The technique of this Japanese brand is characterized by high functionality, and the "top" model of the inverter air conditioner General Plasma Aero has practically no analogues for energy efficiency.

1. Daikin

The Japanese brand Daikin is the undisputed leader of the rating of manufacturers of air conditioners and split systems .The uninterrupted continuous operation of Daikin household air conditioners is more than 100 thousand hours. Split systems of the brand have repeatedly got into the ratings of air conditioners, received awards for environmental friendliness, and also for stylish design.