Microwave rating, the best of 2016( Top 10)

Microwaves are a great variety - from simple models with basic functionality to clever giants, able to instantly cook a masterpiece of cooking. Do not get lost among this variety will help top microwave oven in 2016 , when compiling it took into account the popularity of microwave ovens, their ratings and reviews to them on the site "Yandeks. Market."


  • 10. LG MS-20R42D
  • 9. SUPRA MWS-1803MW
  • 8. Samsung ME83KRW-1
  • 7. Midea MM720CMF
  • 6. SUPRA MW-G2120SW
  • 5. The LG MS-2042DS
  • 3. Gorenje MO17MW
  • 2. LG MS-2043HS
  • 1. Samsung ME83KRW-3

10. LG MS-20R42D

Average price: 6 300 rubles.

Microwave rating offers a simple, no-frills model of classic strict design that is able to cope with everything from defrosting and warming up to full-value heat treatment of products.

Less: the buttons are not touch sensitive, you need to press. Short cord.


Average price: 3 800 rubles.

Due to the compact dimensions, the combination of power per unit area is on average larger than that of the closest analogues. Therefore, to quickly warm up food and defrost - an excellent option. Although the MWS-1803MW lacks baking, baking and frying modes - this is a good choice for those who appreciate the speed in the microwave and do not like the bells and whistles. And this is the smallest and cheapest model in the rating.

Cons: short wire;the door is easily dirty.

8. Samsung ME83KRW-1

Average price: 6 500 rubles.

Powerful( 800 W) and quiet microwave with bioceramic interior coating. You can turn off the sound of pressing the buttons and sound notification about the program execution.

Less: with a darkened glass and a weak backlight, it is impossible to determine what is happening inside.

7. Midea MM720CMF

Average price: 4 700 rubles.

Stylish design "under steel" immediately attracts attention. Defrosts, warms up, cooks so that neither the dishes nor the carrier plate heat up.

Less: every fingerprint is clearly visible on the dashboard and door.


Average price: 4 400 rubles.

A small( 21 L), but powerful( 800 W) microwave in a classic black and white design. Touch buttons, there is a grill mode( the chicken is cooked for half an hour and with a crust).

Less: The layout of the buttons on the dashboard is not thought out.

5. Daewoo Electronics KOR-6L4B

Average price: 4 900 rubles.

There is a door opening button, an electronic clock, several modes - from fast to energy saving.

Minus: the signal that the program is being terminated whines even if the door is opened.

4. LG MS-2042DS

Average price: 6 700 rubles.

Intuitive control of basic functions, convenient touch switches, pleasant "quick start" function. Bonus: Included is a book of recipes.

Cons: very short cord.

3. Gorenje MO17MW

Average price: 4 700 rubles.

Simple classic design with rotary switches. The volume of only 17 liters, but the power is quite high - 700 Watts. The set of modes it does not have too much - can defrost or warm up, but when cooking only the simplest operations like cooking or quenching will master. But all this does quickly. And in the rating of microwave ovens for reliability, the model from Gorenje is among the top three.

Less: a small plate.

2. LG MS-2043HS

Average price: 7 000 rubles.

The second place in the microwave rating of 2016 goes to LG MS-2043HS.The door of this model is opened through a depression at the bottom - there are no more buttons, when pressed it seems to jump forward. In addition to the usual warm-up, there is an automatic cooking with 32 recipes, and the defrosting has as many as 4 modes. You can simplify the cooking process by programming. There is also an eco-mode, which, when idle, turns off the microwave oven, saving electricity.

Less: it can move on slippery surfaces, you need rubber lining on the legs.

1. Samsung ME83KRW-3

Average price: 6 500 rubles.

And the first place in the ranking of the best microwave receivers Samsung ME83KRW-3 - easy to manage, a large enough( 23 liters) and a powerful( 800 W) model, which will cope with the child. By the way, protection from children is also available. Evenly thaws, warms up and cooks. It works very quietly, but you can turn off the sound altogether.

Less: a weak backlight and a darkened glass do not let you see what's going on inside.