10 interesting facts about washing machines

Once a woman dreaming of cars that themselves wash and squeeze underwear would be called a fantasy and emancipation. Today, washing machines are so easily and firmly integrated into everyday life that it is difficult to imagine their life without them. And how much do we know about these remarkable inventions? Was their way to our homes easy? We present 10 interesting facts about washing machines.

  1. The first attempts to automate the washing process were made by the ancient Babylonians. They designed a large wheel with many blades. It sank into the vat with soaked linen. Rotating the wheel, the Babylonians spent much less time and effort on washing.
  2. The first machine with a rotating drum appeared in 1851 in the United States of America.
  3. The spin function was invented in the 1860s. Then there were two rotating rollers for spinning. This technology is used in some semi-automatic machines so far. The modern spinning system in the centrifuge has been spreading since the 1950s.
  4. The first washing machine for the home appeared in 1874.The inventor William Blackstone( USA, Ind.) Gave it to his wife on his birthday. Later, he opened his own company and started mass production. By the way, it exists until now.
  5. Initially, washing machines did not have a body that would cover the moving parts of the mechanisms. Because of this, there were often accidents. One woman incautiously leaned down during the sittre, and her hair tightened into the mechanism. From scalping it saved only a miracle.
  6. In the second half of the 19th century, there was a real boom in washing machines. By 1875, more than two thousand patents for various laundry washing devices had been registered.
  7. In the 19th century, in large commercial laundries, mostly men worked, because for a woman this work became prohibitively heavy. One of these laundries and the process of working in it are described in Jack London's novel "Martin Eden."
  8. In 1910, A. Fisher designed a washing machine, which served as a prototype for the modern. The drum in it rotated alternately on one side and the other, driven by an electric motor. It was the best washing machine for its time.
  9. The first washing machine on programmable control appeared in 1949.Like the then computers, she read the programs from the punched cards. More familiar with us devices with microprocessors appeared in 1978.
  10. At first, when washing machines were cumbersome and difficult to handle, women stopped washing their houses and started putting laundry in laundry rooms. But with the reduction in the size of the machines and their simplification, women returned to home washing.

Now, in order to choose the right machine, it is enough to look at the best washing machines in terms of quality, whereas earlier there was simply nothing to choose from.