Top 10 beaches of Ukraine

Within the framework of the project "Share love to Ukraine" the "Kyivstar" TV channel published the rating of the best Ukrainian beaches. The magnificent nature and wonderful climate of the Crimean peninsula, Odessa and the Azov Sea region attract millions of tourists every year.

The main drawback of local beaches is the lack of infrastructure. Therefore, in the rating " 10 of the best beaches of Ukraine " got the most clean, comfortable and adapted for a pleasant and safe recreation place.

10. Kinburskaya spit on one side is washed by the Black Sea, and on the other - by the Dnieper estuary. The little place that is unfamiliar to most tourists is ideal for a quiet holiday. Most of the admirers of the Kinbury spit get here on a boat from Ochakov.

9. Berdyansk is the most popular Ukrainian resort on the Azov Sea. There is a well developed infrastructure and there are entertainments for every taste. Shallow sea, gently sloping entrance and warm water make the beaches of Berdyansk an ideal place to relax with children.

8. Odessa beach "Arcadia" is located in a lively resort area, which has all kinds of cafes, restaurants and amusement parks. The beach often attracts foreign tourists.

7. Odessa beach "Langeron" has been taking tourists for more than 200 years. The surrounding area is buried in greenery, and nearby there will be entertainment for every taste.

6. The beach "Gurovsky Stones" is located in Crimea under the famous Bear Mountain. Rest on a well-equipped territory come as just tourists, and fans of diving. Not far from the beach there is a "grotto of Pushkin" attracting divers. These high cliffs - one of the most picturesque underwater attractions of the Crimea.

5. The beach "Vasileva Balka" is located in the resort village of Balaklava. Feet of tourists on this beach caresses an amazing mixture of sand and small pebbles, and around it stretch beautiful scenery with steep cliffs. In addition, tourists are attracted by the European atmosphere of Balaklava itself with its yachts, cafes and cozy mini-hotels.

4. The beach "Mermaid" got its name due to the sculptural composition of a mermaid with a baby, which is already several hundred years old. The beach is located in Miskhor on the southern coast of the Crimea. It is always crowded, thanks to the mild climate and the developed territory.

3. The beach "Yashmovy" is located not far from Sevastopol on Cape Fiolent. Natural beauty, cleanliness and a small number of holidaymakers make this place very attractive for lovers of a quiet romantic getaway.

2. The beach of the village of Olenevka is adorned with the rocky Cape of Tarhankut. Underwater beauties in combination with the purest water attract divers here, a permanent sea breeze makes Olenevka a place for gathering windsurfers and kiteurs.

1. The royal beach is located in the Blue Bay of the Novy Svet settlement. It is believed that the Tsar's family, led by Nicholas II, liked to stop here for bathing. Even in the hottest weather it is fresh, thanks to the pine trees, with which the whole coastline is planted. The beach is adjoined by a nature reserve zone.