Top 3 nuances in the repair of a cell phone.

Did you have a broken cell phone? Your favorite, irreplaceable, but simple - the only one? Nightmare! What to do? First of all - calm down and think about a real opportunity to remedy the situation. You can definitely throw out the old one! And if you bought it only last Friday? You can go to the salon and demand a refund. You can, but it takes away from you an abyss of time and nerves.

It remains, perhaps, only one thing - turn to the repair of cell phones.

If the decision is made, we need to start acting. Now the phone has become such a familiar and even banal object of everyday life, that the workshops in which cell phones are being renovated - a huge amount. How to choose from this variety is up to you. You can search on the Internet and it will give you not one dozen sites and addresses. You can take a newspaper, and you can ask around your friends.

How to find - not so important. It is important only to find a workshop where the repair of mobile phones will not be a problem for you. What can upset this situation? There are several problems.


Not all masters are qualified enough. Your phone could still be fixed, before they took it. Or they do not have the necessary equipment, or knowledge. .. So do not rush into grief at the first workshop that's found. Search for such a workshop, where repair of mobile phones is not only business, but also professional activity.


All your personal data and information can cease to be personal, and will become very public. The whole Internet community will know everything about you. Do not want? Think who to trust.


Duration and cost of repairs. There may be misconceptions. When you replaced the display and zalomili not a small amount. For what, you say, and hurry. This work requires knowledge and skills and you yourself could not do it for sure.

And what could? First of all - to determine the degree of damage to the phone. Because in some cases it is, indeed, cheaper to buy, not repair. The GM must diagnose and fix the damage. They can be of three kinds. Mechanical damage - visible to the naked eye or with an increase. Electronic components fail and here repair can be entrusted only to the highly skilled master. Malfunction of the phone software. Not sure of their abilities - do not go.

It is to help you and there is repair of cell phones.