Rating of the richest video bloggers YouTube 2014-2015

Forbes calculated the income of YouTube video bloggers and published the list of the richest. What brings all the people in the rating together? Youth: most popular leading video blogs are less than 30 years old. Thus, they are only slightly older than their subscribers from a generation who likes YouTube on old-fashioned television.

Here is the rating of YouTube's highest paid video bloggers for 2014-2015 .


  • 10. Rosanna Pansino, $ 2.5 million
  • 9. Roman Atwood, $ 2.5 million
  • 8. Lilly Singh, $ 2.5 million
  • 7. Michel Fan, $ 3 million
  • 6. KSI, $ 4.5 million
  • 5.James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln( Rhett and Link), 4.5 million dollars
  • 4. Lindsay Stirling, $ 6 million
  • 3. Brothers Rafi and Benny Fine( Fine Brothers), 8.5 million dollars
  • 2. Ian Hickox and Anthony Padilla( Smosh), 8.5 million
  • 1. Felix Chelberg( Pew Die Pie), 12 million dollars

10. Rosanna Pansino, 2.5 million dollars

Opens the list of the richest video bloggers YouTube bpasses the obligation chef, actress and now a leading Nerdy Nummies - one of the most popular cooking shows. Rosanna pleases the audience with amazing dishes, such as cupcakes in the form of My Little Pony or ice cream sandwich, which looks like a game console.

9. Roman Atwood, 2.5 million dollars

Highly paid specialist in insane drawings. The Washington Post called Atwood "the most horrible joker of YouTube" after the blogger chose his wife, Britney Smith, as the object of the rally. He staged an explosion of an ATV, which, allegedly, was ruled by their three-year-old son.

8. Lilly Singh, 2.5 Million USD

Indian culture is one of the main sources of inspiration for Singh, and the video blogger has gained popularity by making satirical videos about everyday life and people's activities. Some of her popular clips are called "How the girls are going on a date," "Types of children in school," "My parents respond to. .( insert the name of the series)."

7. Michelle Fan, $ 3 million

Her video blog is about using makeup to turn a woman into a celebrity double, such as Angelina Jolie. Video tutorial "Lesson on the transformation of Barbie" looked more than 60 million times. ABC reports that Fan has launched her own line of cosmetics in collaboration with L'Oreal.

6. KSI, 4.5 million dollars

The 22-year-old Briton, whose real name is Olajid Olatuni, comments on video games. He does it very funny and emotionally, for which we love the audience. In his plans for the future - to make a rap career and, perhaps, to do a movie.

5. James McLaughlin and Rhett and Link, 4.5 million dollars

This comic duo shoots online advertising sponsored by well-known companies( Hummer, Coca Cola, McDonald's, etc.).In addition to virus videos, Rhett and Link has a second channel called "Good Mythical Morning".In it, the couple dilutes the morning show with crazy tricks.

4. Lindsay Stirling, $ 6 million

The violinist and dancer once received refusals from record companies. However, on YouTube, Stirling has achieved incredible success: the number of subscribers to her video blog has exceeded 7 million people. The girl released several albums and launched a mobile game called Pop Dash, where players run around and collect coins and violins.

3. Brothers Rafi and Benny Fine( Fine Brothers), 8.5 million dollars

Two brothers, included in the top 3 of the richest video bloggers YouTube, once decided that people like to watch YouTube, which would be nice to show the reaction of viewers to this or thatroller. They began to shoot funny clips about how children and friends react to different videos, for example, movie trailers. Also in the collection of Fine Brothers there are staged humorous videos.

2. Ian Hickox and Anthony Padilla( Smosh), 8.5 million

Video ads from Sacramento are a comedy video blog on YouTube, to which more than 21 million people have subscribed. The team earns most of the profits from advertising. In addition to short skits and skits, Smosh has a game channel and a channel with cartoons. And recently Hickox and Padilla starred in a fantastic comedy called Smosh: The Movie.

1. Felix Chelberg( Pew Die Pie), $ 12 million

The highest paid video blog YouTube 2014-2015.The summerplays of this Swedish gamer attracted a 30 million army of subscribers. His video, full of profanity, jokes and sudden screams. Initially, the whole gameplay was accompanied only by offscreen comments by Chelberg, but in 2011 he showed his inimitable facial expressions to the fans.