Rating of portable speakers in 2016

Portable speakers have become very popular in the past couple of years. It is mobile, versatile and able to work even in the absence of power sources due to the built-in battery.

We compiled the rating of portable acoustics 2016 of the year: reviews, reviews and user ratings on the Yandex Market service, formed the basis for the distribution of seats. For the convenience of the reader, the top is divided into two price ranges - up to 5000 and up to 10,000 rubles. The average cost at the time of writing is indicated.


  • Best portable acoustics up to 5000 rubles
    • 5. JBL Micro Wireless
    • 4. Philips BT100
    • 3. Koss BTS1
    • 2. SUPRA BTS-600
    • 1. NudeAudio Move M
  • Best portable acoustics up to 10,000 rubles
    • 5. SonySRS-X33
    • 4. JBL Voyager
    • 3. JBL Flip II
    • 2. Denon Envaya mini
    • 1. JBL Charge 2+

The best portable acoustics up to 5000 rubles

Hardly using these models you can enjoy powerful basses, but the sound comes out decent, especially if you did not have a five in a music school. The models of this price range do not have unnecessary bells and whistles, which only make it difficult to get acquainted with the device. With the help of these models it is easy to "pump" a small room.

5. JBL Micro Wireless

5000 руб.

Advantages: bright design, long working time, audio cable, support bluetooth, groove for fastening and good volume.

4. Philips BT100

2 200 rub.

The sound of this wireless mini-speaker, though mono, but deep and loud is not bad. It differs in its simplicity of setting-it's enough to turn on the bluetooth on the smartphone.

3. Koss BTS1

3 990 rub.

Charges this miniature device via micro USB.A convenient detail is a small folding leg, which allows you to place the audio speaker on a flat surface. The rubber vibrovalik helps to avoid rattling at high volume.

2. SUPRA BTS-600

3 566 rub.

This stylish thing is able to sound, without interruption, 10 hours, which is a very good indicator for the model of this price category.

1. NudeAudio Move M

3 490 rub.

Best portable column up to 5 thousand rubles. , recommended for purchase in 2016.This convenient and compact device has a high-quality sound, as if you are using an audio system of a different price range. Thanks to the presence of a lace with a fastener, it can be hung on the steering wheel of a bicycle. And you can wear it on your arm.

The best portable acoustics up to 10000 rubles

The choice of those who need a clean and high-quality sound. These models feature deep bass and good high tones. Recommended for a party in a medium sized room or outdoors.

5. Sony SRS-X33

7 989 руб.

The device has a good deep sound and is charged by the battery. The presence of the NFC module allows just a couple of seconds to install a bluetooth connection( if there is an NFC in the audio source).The battery of the device works about 4-5 hours in bluetooth mode and 8-9 hours in AUX mode.

4. JBL Voyager

9 990 rub.

This player has an unusual design - it consists of two parts. The big one is a subwoofer, and the smaller one can be pulled out and carried around;so the speaker is great for both home and travel. On the back of the device is the aux connector, to which you can connect anything you like.

3. JBL Flip II

5 710 rub.

The sound and functionality of these speakers are very similar to the JBL Pulse and are designed for those who do not want to overpay for innovative design and iridescent lights. A hard case can protect the device from dirt and sand, and you do not need to remove the speaker - just simply unzip it. By the way, despite the presence of 3.5 jack, the cable is not included in the package.

2. Denon Envaya mini

9 990 rub.

A column the size of a pencil tube produces an amazingly deep and powerful sound. A gorgeous and stylish design immediately says that the owner is stepping in step with the times.

1. JBL Charge 2+

8 500 rub.

Heads the rating of portable speakers 2016, the best acoustics up to 10 thousand rubles from the JBL Charge line, improved model plus. One of the first devices to receive protection from moisture. Of total immersion, of course, nothing will save, but from splashes and drops the device is fully protected. Very convenient, especially if suddenly it rains. The most powerful portable speaker on our list!

Interesting detail: to the device can simultaneously connect up to three smartphones and run their tracks in turn or simultaneously.