Car DVRs: the rating of new products in 2016

Car DVR keeps a record of what is happening on the road, while you are driving a car. Thanks to this record you can avoid a lot of trouble( for example, to prove who was the culprit of the accident).Based on the feedback from users of Yandex. Market, we selected the best car DVRs, the new items of the 2016 , which were awarded the best customer ratings. The rating includes models in the price range from 2130 rubles.up to 19 900 rubles.

  • 10. Prestige AV-710
  • 9. Prestige MD-101
  • 8. Prestigio RoadRunner 555
  • 7. Prestige AV-510
  • 6. Mio MiVue 698
  • 5. Inspector SCAT
  • 3. MioMiVue C310
  • 2. CARDS 4K

10. Prestige AV-710

The average price is 6 890 rubles.

Features high-quality shooting( 2560 × 1080 at 30 frames per second) and night and day and convenient fastening. Equipped with a shock sensor( G-sensor), which automatically starts recording upon impact and then blocks it to avoid removal. Also has a GPS( with updated maps of police speed control systems), allowing you to record the route and speed.

Less: Many users when driving through the city are annoyed by the inability to disable the speeding alert at 40 km / h and 60 km / h.

9. Prestige MD-101

The average price is 7,280 rubles.

With this DVR you do not have to spend money on a radar detector. The video is recorded in HD( 1280 × 720).Easy to manage: it's very easy to find the right item in the settings( in Russian).

There is one "but" - on a sunny day, machine numbers are hard to see, illuminated.

8. Prestigio RoadRunner 555

Cost, on average, is 5,290 rubles.

Top Video Recorders 2016 continues the device with a shock sensor, support for microSD cards up to 64 GB and recording with a maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080.

Cons: there is no possibility to connect to the computer, there is no choice of the quality of shooting.

7. Prestige AV-510

The average price - 2 130 rubles.

The most budget choice in the rating of novelties of video recorders of 2016.Despite the low price has many advantages: G-sensor, recording video Full HD( 1920 × 1080), a simple menu.

Cons: need to manually overwrite when filling the memory card, unstable mount.

6. Mio MiVue 698

Average price - 14 760 rub.

The model with a wide viewing angle( 140 °) and Full HD mode( 1920 × 1080) is equipped with a GPS, shock sensor and two memory card slots. Warn the owner of the speed control cameras and the need to turn on the headlights. There is a fatigue sensor.

Disadvantages: due to accelerated video recording, the file may not be fully recorded. You can not change the resolution.

5. Inspector SCAT

Average price - 19 900 rub.

Above, low-cost DVRs were introduced. The rating of new products was replenished this time with the most expensive model. It records video with a resolution of 2304 × 1296, which means that everything that happens on the road will be as clearly visible as possible. The viewing angle along the diagonal is 170 °.Of course there is a G-sensor and GPS, as well as a radar detector.

Disadvantage - badly catches satellites, sometimes it takes 10 minutes, bad fixing.


The average price is 4 990 rubles.

Records video with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, there is a shock sensor, more than a day running on battery power. There are auto-start and timer-off functions. A good and inexpensive DVR.

3. Mio MiVue C310

The average price is 3 990 rubles.

Another model with a popular Full HD resolution( 1920 × 1080) and a shock sensor. And everything would be good in it if you do not take into account three "buts": a small viewing angle of 110 °, the impossibility to set the current time and date and a weak sucker.


Average price - 9 990 rub.

The products of this company are already in the best DVRs of 2016.The novelty of this model is the high resolution( 3840 × 2160) at 24 fps. The video in Full HD is written at 60 fps. The advantages include a large viewing angle of 170 ° and the presence of Wi-Fi.

Disadvantage - video files weigh a lot.


The average price is 9,990 rubles.

The DVR, combined with a radar detector, topped the list of novelties of car video recorders in 2016.It can boast not only G-sensor and GPS, but also GLONASS.The video is recorded in Full HD, the viewing angle is 160 °.The function of WDR interferes with the illumination of vehicle numbers in the sun. There is also a night mode. Optimal model for the parameters of price / quality.

To the car owners for a note: in 2016 Russian courts began to take the DVR record as a full-fledged, and not possible, proof when considering cases.