Top 10 Russian brands

What does the people in Russia buy the most? Of course, the list of the most purchased brands is dominated by food, while alcoholic beverages occupy 40% of the total list. But non-food brands are few - Lukoil( motor oil), Amtel( tires), Vitek and Rolsen( household appliances).The top ten are the following corporations:


  • 10. Siberian Crown
  • 9. Java
  • 8. Putinka
  • 7. Miracle
  • 6. Ostanokino
  • 5. House in the village
  • 4. Klinskoe
  • 3. Prostokvashino
  • 2. Green
  • brand 1. Baltika

10. Siberian crown

Appeared on the market in August 1996, and already in 1997 began to receive the first awards. In 1999, the company received all sorts of awards in Sochi at an international exhibition-fair. To date, it has 7 varieties of beer, and sales per year are 16.4 billion rubles.

9. Java

The release of cigarettes started in 1966, and today it is produced by the group of companies "BAT Russia", which is part of the corporation British American Tobacco. Produces cigarettes in 4 versions, annual sales amount to 18.8 billion rubles.

8. Putinka

Began its release in 2003, the creators played on the popularity of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, but at the same time they managed to avoid problems with brand registration, since "Putinka" is not a direct derivative of the name. The brand has various awards, and annual sales are 19.2 billion rubles.

7. Miracle

Started the production of "miracle yogurt" in 1998, then launched a number of similar products: "Miracle milk", "Miracle cottage cheese", "Miracle cocktail".Today, the market share has outstripped the nearest competitor( Danissimo from Danone) almost twice. Sales per year are 19.5 billion rubles.

6. Ostankino

Has been producing meat products since 1954, and the creation of the company in its current form was carried out with the help of LMH Consulting. Today Ostankino is 3 plants, a chain of branded shops, 17 trading houses, 2 pig-breeding complexes. Annual sales are 22.5 billion rubles.

5. House in the village

Having won the market since 1997, this company, perhaps more than others in its category, invests in advertising, and is not going to reduce this expense item. Apparently, it justifies itself: sales are 22.6 billion rubles a year.

4. Klin

The recipe and brand were developed in Soviet times, and in 1999 the company entered the SUN InBev holding. The main target group of the brand is young people, therefore under the brand name "Klinskoye" there are 5 different kinds of beer. Sales are 23.4 billion rubles a year.

3. Prostokvashino

Having started production in 2002, the company developed very quickly and took the leading position in its category, and in 2006 the company was exclusively regional, and was not included even in the 50 most purchased brands. At present, sales are 24.2 billion rubles a year.

2. Green mark

In 2002, Sergey Generalov bought the Topaz plant and established the company "Russian alcohol", but the real development of the company was after the appointment of the marketing director Vadim Kasyanov, who developed the entire policy of the company. To date, "Russian alcohol" - the property of the Central European Distribution Corporation, and annual sales are 29.6 billion rubles.

1. The Baltic

The year of the company's creation is 1992, although the brewery was started in 1978.Now the company has more than 30 beer brands and 10 non-drinkers. In total, there are ten Baltika factories in the Russian cities and one in Azerbaijan. In addition, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Australia possess a license for the production of Baltika beer, and this brand is sold in 50 countries. Sales are 76.8 billion rubles a year.

Author: Alena Kashtanova