The most dangerous tourist destinations in 2016

Vacation is a welcome event in every family and for every person. The whole year we work tirelessly and without lowering our heads to get out of the routine of everyday life for a few weeks, change the situation to a more pleasant and beautiful, and relax. To this event, many prepare carefully and think over places where they would like to go, what they would like to see. In addition, there is no shortage of travel agencies offering all kinds of recreation. But! It is necessary to take into account the unstable political situation in the world, as well as the increased incidents of terrorism. It is worth paying attention to tourist destinations, where to travel in 2016 on a dangerous . Instead, we recommend going to the most popular tourist destinations in 2016: Iran, Slovenia, Canada, etc.


Leading positions on the danger,occupies, Egypt. The tourist destination, popular only recently, is now among the most dangerous tourist destinations in the world. A number of attacks during 2015 were carried out by the IGIL on the Sinai Peninsula, a catastrophe occurred over the same peninsula with the A321 liner. The last event put just a cross on the rest of Russians in this country.


Turkey suffers from terrorist attacks and .It is also once popular with its beach rest. Terrorist attacks were carried out in January 2016: a car was blown up near the police station and next to the school, an explosion also thundered in the tourist area of ​​Istanbul.

Some countries of Europe

Europe is another popular tourist destination, where it is dangerous to go on vacation. Poorly controlled flows of migrants and refugees , flooding Europe in 2015, are already creating problems. These arriving masses of people are poorly suited to discipline, organize riots, besides, the issue of their cleanliness remains. The number of refugees can not be accurately announced even by the European statistical office. The most crowded countries are Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Sweden.


Another country where you do not have to go yet is France. It will be necessary for some time to leave the dream to visit the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower, and all because of the intensified attacks of the Islamists .The suicide bombers in the end of the past year carried out executions of ordinary citizens, tried to arrange an attack in the stadium. During these operations, there were wounded and dead. It is possible that the Islamists will brutalize further, so being under the gunshot of terrorists at the height of the holiday is not the most remarkable event in life.