Top 5 rumors about the iPhone 5

The appearance of the fifth model in the IPhone range is shrouded in a lot of speculation and assumptions. Such an atmosphere of mystery skillfully supported by Apple's advertisers, reasonably believing that rumors only increase the popularity of the product.

Believe it or not the data that comes in abundance from various, supposedly reliable sources - a personal matter for everyone. For those who are interested in information about the likely appearance, filling and release date of the smartphone, we offer Top 5 rumors about the IPhone 5 .


  • 5. Design of the device.
  • 4. Electronic stuffing IPhone5.
  • 3. The screen of IPhone5.
  • 2. The processor IPhone5.
  • 1. Released IPhone5.

5. Design of the device.

Experts say that the IPhone5 will be significantly different from the fourth model. Anonymous sources, close to Apple, report that the smartphone will be thinner than the iPhone4, and the upper part of the case will be slightly thickened. Probably, the thickness of the body is only 7.6 mm. The single button will increase in size, and the surrounding space will become completely touch. As for the colors of the smartphone, then, most likely, there will be two of them: black and white. The back panel with side faces is an all-metal part. From the glass rear panel, as in the models 4 and 4S, the manufacturer decided not to. The microphone, speaker and audio jack are now also positioned in a new way, which is due to changes in the internal layout of the "stuffing" apparatus.

4. Electronic stuffing IPhone5.

Perhaps in the fifth model of the device will be a satellite radio, as well as a map of nearby radio stations with the transmitter power rating. Another innovation is the NFC module( Near Field Communication), which allows the user to make payments at a distance. For Russian owners of the device this will no longer be a useless "gadget", NFC-based services are actively developing the cellular network "Beeline".The IPhone5 camera will most likely have a resolution of 8 megapixels. The battery capacity of the new smartphone is increased slightly: in the iPhone 4S there was a 3.7V battery /1430mAh/ 5.3Whr, and in the fifth model there will be 3.8V /1440mAh/ 5.45Whr.

3. The screen of IPhone5.

According to DigiTimes portal, the device can have a screen with curvature. According to rumors, Apple has purchased several hundred cutting machines for curved glass, which is likely to go to new smartphones. Such technologies are very expensive, which will certainly affect the price of IPhone5.One possible explanation for the curvature of the screen is the ability to display 3D content. The screen diagonal will be either 3.7 inches, or full 4 inches. The display will be made using Retina technology.

2. The processor IPhone5.

According to Bloomberg, the new IPhone5 will receive a dual-core A5 processor, which is already used in iPad2.The device will be operated by the newest operating system from Apple - iOS 6. Pegatron Technology will assemble the devices.

1. Released IPhone5.

According to analysts, waiting for the release of the fifth IPhone leads to a reduction in sales of cell phones around the world. Now the international release of the smartphone is scheduled for September 21.Deutsche Telekom from Germany has already started taking pre-orders for IPhone5.It is announced that the first smartphones of the new generation will go on sale in North America, as well as in Japan and the West European market. The second wave of sales, when IPhone5 enters the rest of the market, is scheduled for October 5.The cost of the device in Russia, almost no one predicts. Traditionally, Apple is characterized by a tough policy in relation to emerging markets, inflating the cost several times.