Rating of the best breadmakers in 2014

For many people, there is nothing better than freshly prepared food. This fully applies to bakery products, because without them there is virtually no food intake. Bread is all over the head. But today, to enjoy freshly baked bread, you do not need to run to the store by the time you bring it. You only need to buy a modern bread maker, which will allow you to bake excellent bakery products. They are also more useful in their properties, because you will bake them from excellent products, without using various preservatives and additives. That's why this kind of home appliances is rapidly gaining popularity.

Today we will find out which bread maker is best to buy. Introducing the rating of the 10 best breadmakers in 2014 .

Table of contents:

  • 10. Scarlett SC-401
  • 9. Rolsen RBM-530
  • 8. GORENJE BM900ND
  • 7. Moulinex OW310E30Uno Metall
  • 6. Mystery MBM-1204
  • 5. Binatone MBS-2175
  • 4. Bork X800
  • 3.Panasonic SD-2500 WTS
  • 2. Panasonic SD-2501WTS
  • 1. Panasonic SD-ZB2502 BTS

10. Scarlett SC-401

Features. Our rating is opened by the Scarlett SC-401, which stands out for its low price, convenience of use. Quite understandable instructions, quiet mixing of the test, many programs. Good quality baking, easy operation. Modes: heating baking, fast baking, adjusting the size of baking.

Disadvantages. There is no "turn off" button, there is no backlight, there are few recipes in the attached book, the bucket is taken out badly. A small window for viewing, for some baking modes there is not enough power.

9. Rolsen RBM-530

Advantages. Convenient interface, great weight baking, a variety of programs. Low price with excellent design and good build quality. Ease of use, compactness, availability of basic programs, timer with delay start.

Disadvantages. Inspection window missing. Stop the execution of the program is obtained only by pulling the cord. The recipe book is not very accurate. The display is pale, the numbers flicker during baking.

8. Gorenje BM900ND

Advantages. Good design, touch control, quality assembly, much made of metal. There is a display illumination, heating baking, delay timer, various program modes.

Disadvantages. Bulky oven, it's noisy in some modes, the prescription book is meager, some recipes do not correspond to reality - it's hardly possible to cook something good. At first, the taste of plastic can be felt.

7. Moulinex OW310E30Uno Metall

Advantages. Metal housing, easy to clean. Good price / quality compatibility. Quite easy to manage. There is a delay timer, heated baking, quick baking, various programs.

Disadvantages. Not a very high quality recipe book, temperature is not regulated. There is no function to raise the test, there is no short kneading, it kneads poorly. A thin Teflon coating.

6. Mystery MBM-1204

Advantages. Low cost on a background of decent quality and high functionality. The smell of heated plastic, even because of the presence of a plastic casing, only appears on the first start. With pastry Mystery copes almost the same way as models of more expensive brands. There is heating baking, a delay timer, fast baking, various programs.

Disadvantages. Recipes presented by the manufacturer are not entirely correct. There is a backlash of the cover.

5. Binatone MBS-2175

Advantages. Combines a multivark, bread maker, yogurt maker and steamer, which reduces the number of machines. Quality execution. There is a display backlight, a delay timer, baking preheating, cooking time adjustment, various programs.

Disadvantages. Badly visible through the viewing window, a terrible book of recipes. A little expensive for a bread maker. The steamer tray is not compatible with the multi-cup. There is no function for baking rye bread, protection against overheating.

4. Bork X800

Advantages. Convenient control knob, stylish metal case, the ability to customize the baking program yourself. Easy to clean. There is a window and a light. There is a display backlight, a delay timer, baking size adjustment, various programs.

Disadvantages. When baking, the cabinet is heated. Not a very good book of recipes. The dispenser loudly tosses. The blade is small, so it does not mix well in the corners. The case is soft, pressed. It's noisy.

3. Panasonic SD-2500 WTS

Advantages of the .Cute design, convenient menu, simple and convenient design. Quality assembly, many recipes in the instructions, a small power consumption. Excellent kneading dough. There is a delay timer, heating baking, quick baking, adjusting the baking size, various programs.

Disadvantages of .There is no program for rye bread. Do not open the lid to add food. The cord is short. There is no backlight on the display. Relatively high price.

2. Panasonic SD-2501WTS

Advantages of the .Bakes delicious, convenient menu. Quite good build, reliable. Very quiet. There is a dispenser, a knife for kneading rye dough. Do not be nasty silent beep. Detailed instructions, ease of use. There is a delay timer, fast baking, baking size adjustment, various programs.

Disadvantages of .There is no viewing window. No convection, programming functions. A short cord and a small measuring glass. No backlight display.

1. Panasonic SD-ZB2502 BTS

Our rating is headed by the best bread maker for 2014 - Panasonic SD-ZB2502 BTS.In the rating of 2016, it fell to the 2 nd place.

Advantages of .Excellent quality baking, build quality, precise recipes. Beautiful appearance. A good combination of price and quality. Perfectly kneads and bakes dough, many recipes and functions. Quite quiet. There is a dispenser, a delay timer, fast baking, baking size adjustment, various programs.

Disadvantages of .The impossibility of programming and adjusting programs. The power cord could be longer. During the mixing there is noise.